Whether you’re going out on a day hike, an overnight hike, a quick walk in the local nature reserve or an epic trek into the Great Beyond, you’re going to need to pack the right gear.


For starters, you’ll need to know where you’re going. Pack a map and a compass to help you stick to the right route, or to help you find the right route if you accidentally go a-wandering. A GPS is great, but you’ll want some analogue back-up: batteries have a habit of dying on you when you least want them to!


With navigation taken care of, your next priority is personal safety. Pack a small first aid kit, and slip in some sunscreen and lip balm, just in case the sun comes out and things get toasty.


Mind you, the opposite is also true – especially now, in the winter time. Pack in a warm top, plus a beanie and (if space permits) a thin blanket, just in case things go south and you end up having to spend a cold night outside.


Speaking about cold nights… Remember to pack in a torch and some spare batteries, as well as matches or a lighter in case you need to make a fire. A small pocket knife or multi-tool will also be a great asset, plus it’ll make you feel like you’re MacGyver (or Bear Grylls, if you’re too young for 80s references!). Finally, slip in some extra snacks, as well as plenty of extra water.


This checklist is all about the “just-in-case”. Even if it’s just a short walk, you’ll need to know that you have all the essentials to get you out of trouble and to help you survive if anything were to go wrong.


Let’s run through that checklist one more time:

mapcompassGPSfirst aid kitsunscreenwarm topbeanieemergency blankettorchbatteriesmatches/lighterknife/multitoolextra foodextra water


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