There’s a lot to like about Instagram (available, of course, on iOS and Android). This mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing service lets you take pictures and videos, edit them, smarten them up, and share them with your friends on social media.


But as great as Instagram is, the app has a few limitations. Download these apps, fill those gaps, and you’ll turn your smartphone into the complete mobile camera studio.


Look, we said these apps would be fun… but we didn’t say they’d necessarily be useful. Boomerang isn’t terribly useful, but it’s loads of fun. Press the button (there’s only one button), and the app shoots a quick burst of 10 photos, which it stitches together and turns into a mini video that loops back and forth.


If you like Instagram, you’re going to love Snapseed. It’s easy to use, and boasts professional photo-editing software – the sort you’d usually only find on an advanced desktop application like Photoshop.


(Seriously: it even lets you work on DNG RAW files.) Best of all, though, is its huge array of filters, from Drama to Grunge to Retrolux and beyond.


Two magic words: scheduled posts. Later (which used to be Latergramme) lets you plan and schedule when your Instagram posts go live, using either your smartphone or the website. If you’re a social media manager, or if you just want to delay posting your pics until the time’s just right, then this is the app for you.


Can’t decide which of the four pictures of your child/dog/lunch you want to post? Like Instagram’s own Layout app, PicCollage lets you combine photos into a single collage, with various formats, setups and add-ons available.


You know those videos where the picture is sped up, and it looks like an entire day is going by in just a few seconds? That’s called a time lapse – and Hyperlapse (built by Instagram’s own developers) lets you make them, easily and without needing any expensive equipment.

Those apps won’t be much use without a smartphone to run them! Swipe your RCS Card at these leading retailers – including South Africa’s top cellphone suppliers – to get the phone you need.