The temperature is starting to drop, the air is getting crisper and the leaves are changing colour; it’s really a beautiful time of year. Autumn is also a wonderful time to bring new style and plenty of texture to your home décor. With an RCS Personal Loan by your side, you’ll be able to bring all of the great autumn décor trends to life in your home and be the talk of the neighbourhood.



This is a great trend for the colder weather. LA Times spoke to Allyson Rees, senior retail lifestyle editor at the World’s Global Style Network, and she is encouraging people to think about lots of fabrics, textures and strong colours. Experts are calling this trend “maximalism” and it’s all about feeling warm, safe and comfortable in your home. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles, because this trend actually encourages bringing together your eclectic tastes and revelling in all that makes you who you are.




Need some colour inspiration? This autumn, look for jewel tones in your wall paints or papers, furniture and accessories. Country Living says that emerald, sapphire and ruby red is the colour palate for the colder months of 2018. However, you don’t have to go crazy and cover all of your furniture and the walls. You can bring the trend into your home in small, subtle ways. Try some bright throw cushions or a new rug in your lounge. The thicker and more luxurious the fabric, the better.




According to Pinterest’s Top 100 trends for 2018, the statement wall is out and the statement ceiling is definitely in. The ceiling has always been a neglected space when it comes to décor. Too often, it’s painted white so that it recedes from sight and is therefore forgotten about. This autumn, try something a little different. Get some bold wall paper, use mouldings or paint it a bright colour. Your guests will be wowed every time they step into the room.




One of the best ways to get your home to really reflect who you are is to go for something made just for you. Yes, this can be an expensive investment for your home, but it is completely worth it. You’ll be supporting and encouraging local artists and craftsmen, as well as putting something in your home that is original and unique.


The experts at House Beautiful say that the big trend for bespoke items in house décor is definitely in lighting this year. So think unique chandeliers in your dining room or unusual wall fittings in your bedroom. They can be made of wood, metal or even found objects.




You can completely redecorate your home or just add in a few touches of these autumn trends – it’s all up to you. We’re just here to add the inspiration and a little helping hand. Get an RCS Personal Loan between R2 000 and R150 000 and you’ll be able to turn your home into the trendiest spot on the block. It’s a fast, paperless application process; you get a decision in seconds, and flexible repayment options from 12 to 60 months! Apply here.