A bit of sunshine and some outdoor play is just what your child needs to make the most of the holidays. Here are some ideas for great summer fun, guaranteed to keep them active for hours.



That’s right: a good, ol’ fashioned bike will provide hours of entertainment and – if your kid can enlist some buddies for an afternoon – a slice of summertime independence. Kids are ready for balance bikes (the ones with no pedals) from around two years of age; from three onwards they’ll be ready to start learning to ride a pedal bike. The two most important things to remember: get the size right, and never let them on the bike without a helmet!



If your neighbourhood has an open patch of grass (or even a deserted parking lot!), the kids will invariably want to play a game of cricket. Get a cricket set where the wickets and bat are made of wood (plastic ones won’t last a full season), and be sure to send both boys and girls out for an afternoon of fun. Proper cricket balls can be very hard – so make sure they use a tennis ball. They’ll hit far more sixes, and the neighbourhood windows (and concussion clinics) will thank you for it.



Skateboarding has a bad rap: it’s a fun activity, and it helps develop balance and dexterity. Again, safety and size are key, and protective gear (helmets and padding) are essential. Swipe your RCS Card, and get skating! Remember, though: the better the quality, the smoother the ride – and the easier it’ll be for your child to control.



This is a cheap and easy way to get kids of all ages running around the garden. Water wars can be played one on one or in teams. To stay on the right side of South Africa’s annual water restrictions, limit each side to one bucket of water. When the bucket’s empty, the ammo is finished! For serious games, have each team wear old light-coloured T-shirts, and colour each team’s water a different colour!



Whether it’s a rugby, soccer, netball, tennis or bouncy ball, it’ll be enough to get a game going with friends (or solo, against a wall). Go for quality; it’ll last longer. Whatever they end up playing – whether it’s stingers, touch rugby or five-a-side – they’ll be outside, having fun and learning new skills.



Invest in toys that will help your children grow and develop. Your RCS Card gives you access to the RCS Shopping Network of over 24 000 retailers, including South Africa’s leading toy shops!