Oh the agony of stepping on a piece of Lego barefoot! And it makes no sense because the cupboard is overflowing and there are shoes everywhere. We all have to battle clutter after the holiday season and luckily, with a quick swipe of your RCS Card and a free afternoon, you can easily restore some order.

Start here:
1. Remove all gifts from their packaging and recycle.
2. Sort through household items and make “keep”, “store” and “donate” piles.
3. Place current items within easy reach and pack out-of-season items such as winter clothes, linen and decorations in labelled storage containers (from R59.99, The Crazy Store). 


The biggest clutter culprit is the bedroom cupboard so if that one last blouse from Mom has pushed your closet to bursting point, then it’s time to weed out the bad impulse purchases and invest in a Space Maker (R79.90, Verimark). This cool little gadget can be used horizontally to keep things tidy or vertically to hang up to five hangers underneath each other. Top tip: Organise your favourite items on one Space Maker for a grab-and-go outfit. While your cupboard is empty, slide one or two Tevo shoe box sets (R150, Makro) into the bottom of your cupboard and voilá, beautifully organised heels and sandals. And if you’ve ever experienced the frustration of trying to untangle jewellery in a hurry, then you know you need a Prisma jewellery stand (R449, Superbalist).

For those lads who were presented with yet another tie, you can display it proudly on a pendant tie hanger (R199, Superbalist).


Body and bath products are the go-to “I-didn’t-know-what-to-get-you” gift and you probably have enough to last you the rest of the year, so you’ll need some functional storage. Technically the Bask shower caddy (R359, Superbalist) is supposed to go inside the shower, but it would also look pretty good hanging on your bathroom wall and it’s perfect for bigger bottles. Small bits and bobs are the worst to organise but you can keep hairbands, cotton wool and make-up in order in a simple three-division holder (R99.95, Clicks). If you prefer your everyday items within reach on a countertop, get creative and display them on an Easy Life luxury tray or two-tier cake stand (R115 and R299, Home Etc.). You can easily lift up the stand to clean without your moisturiser making a run for it.


Most parents have been attacked by cascading toys when they open cupboards, so if your kid’s idea of tidying up is chucking things into the nearest open space, willow storage baskets (R399-R899, Makro) are the answer. They’re stylish enough to be left out in the open and will contain balls, shoes and laundry with little or no effort. Family is a blessing but they’re often also the guilty party when it comes to the mountain of toys that seems to be taking over the house. You can keep things under control with some stackable baskets (R499 each, Superbalist) that will keep anything from dinosaurs to books in place. In fact, these baskets are great for any room in the house.


We’re talking pens, paper, cables and whatnot. They’re silly and small and they are everywhere! Luckily, there are clever accessories like the Penbot pen holder (R329, Superbalist), the CableClip (R119, Incredible Connection) and the cool mint green Hakan stackable letter tray (R249, Superbalist) to maintain order. When it comes to brainstorming, meal planning and appointments, that’s all solved with a trendy magnetic glassboard (R349-R699, Superbalist) or some fun Typo stationery. We love their printed sticky notes and make-a-list notepads – perfect for the organising junkie. And if you’re getting really desperate and don’t know what to do with the odds and ends that are still lying around, chuck them in a Mainstay three-drawer cart (R450, Game) and wheel it out of sight!



Use your RCS Card to battle holiday clutter. The RCS shopping network covers more than 21 000 stores, giving you everything you need for an organised home.


* Prices were correct at time of publication, and are subject to change.