Waking up is always going to be less than fun, but you can turn your bedside table into something that will make you smile instead of groan when you roll over in the morning. So pack away that pile of magazines and carry those dirty coffee mugs to the kitchen, here’s your bedside style guide.



Most bedside styling is skewed towards the ladies and showcases pretty pastels and sparkly accessories. But if you’re sharing your room with a guy, he’s not going to want pink peonies blossoming at his bedside. To strike a balance, start with matching bedside tables and lamps, and then add extra accessories. Plants in interesting vases and geometric shapes are always eye-catching. Keep colours monochromatic and use an accent colour like rose gold to tie the look together. Sophisticated neutrals of white, grey, black, silver and gold work well for both guys and girls. Rustic textures such as wood, metal and leather are nice for guys, while marble and glass will give a feminine feel.



 Mirror-base tray: R299, @Home
Loft pedestal: R1 799, @Home
Geometric tea light holder: R49.99, Checkers
Ceramic vase: R59.99, Checkers
Marble bowl: R49.99, Checkers
Tripod lamp: R599, Tafelberg Furnishers



Don’t fret if you have a teeny-tiny bedroom with no space for a full-sized bedside table. You can have lots of fun with some space-saving ideas like floating box shelves, corner shelves and mounted or hanging lighting that uses the vertical space on your wall. Or go for some minimalistic and versatile nesting tables that can fit underneath each other depending on your needs. A side table without a solid base means that you can slide a storage basket or box underneath to store anything from a blanket to your TV remote and iPad. If you like to keep hand cream, lip ice and other bits and bobs close by then use a small drawer organiser to stop the space from looking cluttered. We love the InterDesign natural wood drawer (R299.95, Boardmans) and you can even pop a pretty candle on top.


Prelude side table: R1 899, @Home
Hexagonal gold tray: R99, @Home
Frosted glass jar candle: R95, @Home
Natural and wood pendant: R399, @Home
Storage basket: R199, Checkers
Copper rug: R139.99, Checkers


You don’t have to choose the matching set from your local furniture store so think outside the box when choosing your bedside buddy. A chair or stool makes an interesting place to toss your glasses and hand cream before you turn off the light and for a cute cottage look, turn a wooden stepladder into a functional two-level table. Inject some personality into your bedroom with bright colours and quirky accessories, especially if you’ve gone with neutrals everywhere else. There are only two rules to keep in mind: your bedside table needs to be functional and sit at roughly the same height as your mattress.



Sky pedestal: R1 019, Tafelberg Furnishers
Utility yellow light: R369, @Home
Ceramic cactus: R169, @Home
Clock radio: R299.99, Checkers
Multicolour rug: R99.99, Checkers



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