Gone are the days of heading to the gym in your oldest baggies. Proper workout clothes are affordable, stylish and comfortable. 



If your clothes are too tight, they can limit your movement and blood circulation. If they’re too loose, they could get caught in gym equipment. For most forms of exercise, body-hugging clothes work best. After all, you don’t want your pants getting caught in the pedals of your spinning bike or your top landing up around your neck when you go into the Downward Dog.



You’ll want to buy moisture-wicking clothes where the material draws the sweat away from your body to keep you cool and dry. Check the label for a blend of polyester, nylon, Lycra and spandex. If you enjoy different types of exercise, these materials will also give you flexibility and stand up well to lots of turns in the washing machine. Mesh panels under the arms and down the sides of your waist and legs will also help keep you cool. For vigorous workouts, leave your cotton T-shirt at home. Cotton won’t help regulate your temperature and it can get very heavy and cold when wet.



Choose moisture-wicking underwear that stays put when you move around. For ladies, a good sports bra will limit the movement of your chest and should have thick, comfortable straps. Polyester socks instead of cotton will help prevent blisters.  



An all-round cross-trainer that supports the sides of your feet during different movements is ideal for the gym.



For early morning trips to the gym, add a windproof jacket. A sweat towel with a zip pocket will keep your keys safe, and a pair of gym gloves will save your hands when you’re using the free weights.



Gym clothes are the perfect time to play around with bright colours and funky patterns. If you’re a heavy sweater, stick to classic black bottoms. And ladies, always check that your pants aren’t see-through when you bend over!


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