You spend half your morning achieving a perfectly smooth blow dry, only to have your hair ruined by your winter hat of choice. The simple solution to that problem? Pick the right hat. Here’s a heads-up on what to wear, and how to wear it.


Choose a loose woollen beanie rather than a fitted one to avoid flat hair on top and a dent in the hair around your neck. A loose-fitting beanie will do less damage, and if it’s raining you can even twist your hair and tuck it inside the beanie to avoid frizz and hat hair altogether. A soft-knit beanie in a neutral colour is a popular choice for winter.


Trapper hat
This style, with its cosy ear flaps, is great for those icy mornings, but keep it chic with a sleek blow dry, braid or (depending on the kind of hair you have) a low ponytail. Check out the styling tips below to combat static.


Structured hats
Long, thick hair looks great with a structured hat (like a fedora, for example). To guarantee you’ll still look neat and tidy when you arrive at work, pull your hair into a side braid or a classy chignon.


Styling tips

Always dry your hair completely before wearing a hat, otherwise it will dry in the shape of the hat.Part your hair to the opposite side and then flip it back when you take off your hat.Apply a volumising product to your hair before putting on a hat to minimise the chance of flat hair when you take it off.Leave-in conditioner will add moisture to your hair and prevent static.Carry a travel-size bottle of your favourite styling product for an emergency fix.


Note: Sometimes hat hair is unavoidable. If you’ve become a victim, head to the bathroom and flip your hair upside down, run your fingers through it a few times, then flick it back and over to the one side. French bedhead is in.


Whether you’re a guy or a girl, a warm hat will have you heading in the right direction for a warm winter. Your RCS Card gives you access to the RCS Network of over 21 000 retailers – including leading fashion brands. Use your RCS Card today to shop for the hat that suits you best.