It’s no secret that with quarantine now a major theme in our lives, many of us have spent an extended amount of time thinking about what’s inside our spaces. Research has found however, that there are real psychological effects that can occur from the décor currently occupying your spaces. It can affect your productivity, mood, attitude, ability to relax and even your temperature!


So, with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of design tips that you can implement to help optimise your space and your mental health!



We’re all guilty of collecting stuff but clutter also has a psychological effect on us as it can cause us to feel anxious. The solution? Clear that clutter and intentionally fill your space with things that you love and bring you joy. A touch of personalisation is an important part of expressing your identity and feeling in control of your space.


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It’s no secret that nature has a profound effect on our wellbeing. Studies show that being outdoors dramatically reduces stress levels, calms the mind and helps us refocus. And with the work-from-home life in full effect, we can feel cut off from the natural world. The good news is that house plants can fill the void. They brighten up any space, freshen the air around us and tend to be a mirror into how we’re doing on the inside. They can be a great reminder for us to check in with ourselves and lovingly tend to our mental health.


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Science says that If you enter a room painted red or olive, you’ll feel warmer than if you were to walk into the same room in blue. This is the psychology of colour and here temperature is at play. It’s why it’s important for you to think carefully about what your intentions are for your spaces – reds and oranges can increase blood flow and productivity, while blues and greens evoke a sense of calm and relaxation. Try and avoid stark white paints as they can be over-stimulating with the brain finding it hard to focus if there’s too much of it. Consider a cream or off-white if you’re looking for more muted tones.


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So, as you design or just make a few edits to your home, keep these ideas in mind and create an environment that best works for you.