Your feet do a lot of hard work, and – like the rest of you – they deserve a treat this Women’s Day.


With a simple pedi kit and an episode of your favourite TV show (Grey’s? Generations? whatever), you can unwind and have beautiful feet in seven easy steps.


Have a tub of warm water with some bath salts and a fluffy towel standing by. Get rid of any old nail polish with some nail polish remover and cotton wool and let your feet soak for about 15 minutes. Dry your feet well.


Using nail clippers, cut your nails straight across. Shape your toenails with a nail file and smooth out any rough edges. Avoid rounding your toenails too much as this can promote ingrown toenails.


Soften your cuticles with some cuticle cream or oil and push them back with an angled cuticle pusher. If you have very dry, hard cuticles you can apply a cuticle remover cream to gently dissolve excess cuticles. Cutting them can increase your risk of infection.


Next, use a foot file to remove any hard skin from your feet. Work firmly, but gently. Put your feet back in the water and work in an exfoliating scrub to leave your skin feeling silky smooth.


Dry your feet and get busy with a four-sided nail buffer to smooth out any ridges on your toenails and make them shine.


Now the best part: use a heavy moisturiser and massage it into your feet, ankles and calves for about 10 minutes. Better yet, get your significant other to do it for you! Experts recommend trying a cooling peppermint foot lotion.


Finally it’s time to glam up those nails. Wipe the moisturiser off your toenails with some damp cotton wool and apply a clear base coat. Once it’s dry apply two coats of your favourite nail colour. Finish off with a transparent top coat. You’ll know your nail polish is completely dry when it is smooth to the touch.


To keep your feet feeling great long term, try out a few refreshing foot masks.



Kit list:

Nail polish remover and cotton wool

Tub of warm water and a towel

Bath salts

Nail clippers

Nail file

Cuticle cream and cuticle pusher

Foot file

Exfoliating scrub

Four-sided nail buffer


Base coat, nail colour, top coat




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