So you’re looking to buy a new car. An RCS Personal Loan will help… but here’s a thought: instead of spending that money on a new vehicle, why don’t you invest it in your current car instead? Sounds crazy, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. You know your car. You love your car. You’ve made memories with your car, and you’ve gone places with your car. All it really needs is some love, a few upgrades and a thorough once-over. And that RCS Personal Loan will cover it all.




Give your beloved chariot a proper clean – either by doing it yourself or by calling in the professionals. If you regularly have kids and/or dogs in the back, we’d recommend the pros. If a deep upholstery clean doesn’t cut it, consider fitting your ride out with new seat covers. They’ll give your interior an instant facelift, plus they’re easy to toss in the wash next time. If you’re wanting to go the whole hog, look into getting your seats reupholstered. The sky’s the limit here, so think of some fun ways to customise your ride! While you’re at it, consider getting the seats refoamed for extra comfort, and throw out your mats, and replace them with a new set.



Now hit the exterior. Check the bodywork for bumps, scrapes, dents and rust patches. You know that spot on the back bumper, where the lamppost at the mall jumped out and hit your car? Now’s the time to get that sorted. Rust patches especially need to be caught early. Next, consider the paintwork. A respray will do nicely, but to make your RCS Personal Loan stretch even further, consider a quality vinyl wrap. Wraps are more cost-effective than paint (and they let you experiment with designs), and if applied correctly they should last for at least five years. Once all this has been done, buy a full-body car cover. You might think it’s funny to tuck your car in every night, but it’ll protect the bodywork from rain, dust and birds.




If you’ve had your car for a few years, it may no longer be on its original service plan. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be checked for mechanical issues. Are the brake pads worn? Are the belts loose? Are any of the spark plugs faulty? Is the radiator leaking? Some of these checks can be done at home, but others will need a qualified auto mechanic. A full service will help to improve your car’s performance, and will have it driving like a new car.



If you’ve done the ol’ rotation one too many times, it’s time to get a new set of tyres. You know it’s time for a new set of tyres when the tread wears down – depending how much you drive this will be every three to four years. It is really dangerous to drive on bald tyres, so keep an eye on them! Once you have a new set, follow this advice to make your tyres last longer. While you’re at it, replace any scratched-up rims. You can stick to the straight and narrow here, or go totally wild and create your own look!




Here’s the fun part. All around your car – from the steering wheel to the seats – you’ll find little tweaks that’ll make big differences. You might want to have a TV screen installed in the back to keep those kids/pets entertained on long drives. You may choose to upgrade your sound system, or have a satnav installed. Interior upgrades especially can make a massive difference. Look into steering wheel and gear shift options. Remember, you spend most of your time with your car, inside your car – so upgrades like an awesome sound system, comfortable seat and tinted windows are worth every cent. Finally, with the money you have left over from that RCS Personal Loan, maybe you’ll want to pick up an air freshener. You know, for that “new car” smell.



Ready to give your car a well-deserved makeover? An RCS Personal Loan will finance the parts and servicing you need. Loan applications are simple, and a loan will give you up to R150 000 cash in your account within 24 hours. Plus, it comes with flexible repayment options and customer protection insurance. What are you waiting for? Apply now!