We hardly ever think of an area rug as being one of the major purchases to consider when we decorate our homes, but it’s large and expensive – so your rug deserves as much consideration as your couch or coffee table.


Before you whip out your RCS Card and go shopping, measure the size of your seating area and choose a rug that’s the closest size up from that. If your couch is up against a wall, you can get away with a smaller rug, but if your furniture is floating in a large room you need a bigger rug to anchor everything and pull it together. 


The rule is that either the entire couch must be on the rug or at least the two front legs. Your rug also needs to extend a good 15cm to 20cm on either side of your couch.


When you’re decorating your living room from scratch, choose the rug of your dreams first and decorate around it. If you have a busy living room choose a single colour rug and avoid loud patterns.


In a room with neutral furniture, don’t be afraid of patterns and colour, but take your time choosing what will work in your space and find some visual references for guidance.


The texture of your living room seating will help determine the texture of your rug. If you have a soft, velvety couch you might choose a harder textured rug. A sleek leather couch can be contrasted with a softer, fluffier pile rug. Already have a rug that you love, but it’s too small? 


A large jute rug with a smaller statement rug on top works well. You can also layer a rug on top of an existing carpet to protect it or hide wear and tear.


Lastly, consider the durability of the rug and how it needs to be cleaned. If you have house full of young kids, a luxurious white area rug isn’t the ideal pick.


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