If there’s one thing that children do well, it’s take over. Once they’re on the move, so are their toys – scattered the length and breadth of your home. It’s time you took the power back. There are websites, companies and entire industries dedicated to effective storage in playrooms and bedrooms. This is prime Pinterest territory, with loads of great ideas out there. Most, we’d imagine, were developed by desperate parents, who’d stepped on one too many Lego pieces in the middle of the dark night.


We’ve picked some of the best and brightest.



These come in any and every shape and size: some with built-in drawers, some with wheels, some with compartments within compartments… The secret is using them, and – most importantly – labelling them. After all, you don’t want the Ninja Turtles and the Barbies getting mixed up, do you? (Unless you do. Whatever works, kid.) Make sure that they stack easily, and fit into whatever space you want to use them.



For your child’s bedroom, get a set of under-bed drawers that can be rolled out on wheels. This will keep the mess (mostly) off the floor, while keeping the toys easily accessible. Drawers are great for clean-up time: just move the toys off the floor and into the drawer, and stash it away before Mom comes in to check up on things.



These come in handy for outside toys. Keep the buckets gathered in a row in your back yard, with the balls, spades, water pistols, etc stored within. If they’re not under cover, then drill holes in the bottom so that the rain doesn’t gather in the bottom.



The trouble with bath toys is that they tend to gather around the edges of the bath, making it impossible for grownups to have a soak without getting a Little Mermaid sticking into their soft flesh. Buy a set of hanging baskets – the kind you’d usually use in the kitchen for storing fruit and veg – and use them to store (and drip-dry) those bath toys.



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