Love being in the kitchen? If you do, then there’s nothing more exciting than a great new recipe – and a useful new gadget! We regularly publish recipes… so here’s a look at six of the best kitchen tools, that should be on every budding MasterChef’s wish list.



Love egg in your potato salad? An egg slicer is a quick and easy way to cut perfectly even slices of egg – no knives, no mess, and no crumbling yolks required. Hard-boil your eggs, peel them, then slip them into the slicer and pull the handle down. Easy as that.



It works like an egg slicer, and it’s a similar must-have – especially if your children love apples as an afternoon snack. All you do is press the cutter down over the apple with the centre ring over the core, and the slicer will cut out the core and slice the apple into eight easy pieces. While you’re shopping, look out for avo slicers, onion choppers and potato chip slicers too!



This kitchen tool is a hard plastic board with holes in it. You put it in your sink when you’re preparing or washing veggies, and it helps keep things neat and tidy. All you need to do is top and tail the carrots or peel the potatoes, and then rinse them: the flat colander will let the water drain off, but catch the peels before they block up your sink. It’s better than a standard colander because it’s easier to work with, and easier to wash (by hand or in the dishwasher).



Even if your knives are top quality, they won’t stay sharp forever – and there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to cook with a blunt kitchen knife! Choose a tabletop sharpener, which lets you slide the blade in and out of the sharpening groove, or unleash your inner swordsman and get a steel rod to sharpen your blade in dramatic style.



Rather than stocking up on ice cream for the family, have some fun this summer and make your own ice lollies. Flavour and colour are up to you – just mix up, pour into the mould and pop it into the freezer. Best of all, you can control what you make the lollies out of (fruit juice is a good option), so you can give your children a healthier option that’s still delicious. 



Look, we did say that these are gadgets you never thought you needed! A spoon rest is super useful, and helps to cut down on the worst part of cooking (that is, cleaning up afterwards!). Choose a fun shape or design, and keep it next to the stove whenever you’re cooking.



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