Did you know that online study guides make learning more engaging and possibly even… fun? Primary and High school is an important time to develop good study techniques and using online tools is a great way to spice things up. With videos and quizzes, daily revision has never been easier and when exam time rolls around your kids can make use of flashcards and practice tests too.




MyTopDog supports all major subjects for learners in Grades 4 to 12. It includes mock exams, video lessons, exam techniques and interactive tests that have been designed by a team of teachers and educational psychologists. The best part of MyTopDog is that your child can work at their own pace and customise their own goals. The site will also assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses and then recommend study material for them to focus on. You can access all the material via your computer, tablet or mobile phone.



As SuzelleDIY will tell you, PaperVideo is an amazing app on your phone or on your computer that is like having extra lessons teacher all to yourself. Using the past papers available on the website or the workbooks available in the online store, you can scan QR codes for any question you are struggling with and a video will pop up to explain it step by step. Exam books are available for Grades 8 to 12 and cover Natural Sciences, Accounting, Maths, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences.



Even though WorksheetCloud currently has limited worksheets available for Grade 10 to 12, they are well-suited for the first two years of high school. Your child will have access to hundreds of CAPS-based online and printable worksheets and they’re all available on any internet-enabled device. WorksheetCloud also offers incentives to motivate your child to learn.




E-Classroom was the first online education system to launch in South Africa and provides extra worksheets, past exam papers and online courses to support your child’s education. The online courses link directly to Udemy, so you’re spoilt for choice. “Learn Algebra in 10 Minutes a Day” doesn’t sound too daunting, right?


Great grades are just a click away. Online study aids are the perfect companion to help your teen through high school.


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