A big, beautiful afro is one of the most striking hairstyles you can wear… but it takes some work to make it look just right. Here’s a list of the hair care products you’ll need to keep your afro in shape.



It’s important to wash away the dirt, sweat and product residue that builds up in your hair, without stripping your natural oils. The key is a quality moisturising shampoo. Both Mizani and Tresemme have some highly-rated options.



One of the hardest things about an afro is being able to comb through it. A tip that will change your world is to only comb through it when it’s wet, and smothered in conditioner. Do this after you’ve shampooed, and use your fingers and a widetooth comb to detangle as you go. Redken’s Diamond Oil range comes highly recommended.



After washing and deep conditioning your hair, seal in moisture with a butter. Anything with natural oils is best, and recipes containing shea or coconut oil tend to smell delicious. You can reapply the butter as frequently as needed to soften your hair or substitute as a gel, and use it to soothe your scalp too.



Spritzing morning and evening can help keep your hair and scalp happy. There are many off-the-shelf options, or make your own with this recipe.



A good brand of leave-in conditioner will smooth out your hair’s cuticles and give it a healthy shine. It will also make it more manageable to de-knot and comb through between washes. Be sure to get one that isn’t too greasy or that creates build-up on the hair.



If you're trying a slicker style, get your hair to listen with a moisturising gel. Look for one that doesn’t create too much build-up or flake, such as Isoplus Styling Gel from Clicks.OIL TREATMENT

If you find your natural hair is very dry and fragile, a treatment can help to soften it and prevent split ends. Moroccanoil Treatment has received numerous accolades from the likes of the Stylists Choice Awards and The Knot Beauty Awards. It is rich in argan oil and reparative proteins, and you will find the littlest drop will go a very long way.



Look after your afro the way it deserves to be. The RCS network of over 21 000 stores  includes South Africa’s top cosmetics outlets! Swipe your RCS Card when you shop and get what you need for a happy, healthy ‘fro today.