Like the Black Eyed Peas once asked: “What you gonna do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk?” They were probably singing about something else, but they could have been describing the trunk (or boot) of your car. Most of us have a load of rubbish stashed back there. Tick off our checklist, and make sure you’re packing the gear you need.


Jack and Wheel wrench
These will come as standard features on your car, but you need to make sure they’re packed where they need to be, in a place where you can find them. The last thing you want is to suffer a flat tyre, only to remember that your jack and wrench are stored safely at home.


Jumper cables
Dead batteries happen in the best of families. Make sure you have a working set of jumpers stashed in your boot, either so that you can help a friend in need – or so that someone else can help you get a jump start!


Your car’s manual
This should be in your cubby hole already. If it’s not, then either store it under the front passenger seat, or in the boot. You never know when you’re going to need it.


Tow rope
Remember what we said about jumper cables? Same rule applies here.


Wind-up TORCH
If you get stuck on a dark road, you don’t want to be fumbling around blindly. Buy a wind-up torch, and keep it somewhere in your car (the boot is the best) for those middle-of-the-night roadside emergencies. Wind-up torches do the job best, because they don’t have batteries that will leak or rust or go flat through non-use.


First aid kit
This is an essential in an emergency, and at any other time. You’ll be surprised, for example, how often you’ll cut or scrape yourself while changing a tyre!


A spare bottle of water can be a lifesaver: either for a drink in an emergency, or to wash off your hands after you’ve changed a tyre.


Your credit card won’t always work… and sometimes you’ll need some hard currency to get yourself out of a bind. Take a couple of R20 notes, roll them up, pop them inside an old sock, and slip the sock into one of the storage spaces in your boot. You’ll thank us for this one day. (It’s also a smart idea to keep your RCS Card with you wherever you go. After all, it’s accepted at 21 000 stores nationwide!)


Duct tape 


Trust us.



JackWheel WrenchJumper CablesCar ManualTow RopeWind-up TorchWaterCashFirst Aid KitDuct Tape


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