With our African sun working overtime, the only way to beat the heat is to hit the pool. But a day in the water is no longer just about handstands, Marco Polo and swimming laps. Whether you’re three or 30, we’ve got the kit that will raise the bar on summer fun, and it’s all available with your RCS Card.


Catch the summer rays in true sun goddess fashion. Move over boring rectangle towels, this season is all about the round towel (R399, Cotton On). Spread it out on the grass and sun yourself after a dip, or drape it over the very comfy Napsac air bag (R899, Superbalist) and chill out by the pool. The Napsac is lightweight, portable and all it needs is two big gulps of air and you’re in business. If you like whiling away the sunshine hours in the pool, do it in style – and up your Instagram game – with a picture of yourself with summer’s hottest trend, giant floaties. Follow in the footsteps of your favourite celebs and dangle your leg over the side of an inflatable swan, doughnut or pineapple when you want to cool off (from R399, Cotton On, Superbalist and Sportsmans Warehouse).



The heat can leave you feeling parched so stocking up on your favourite drinks is a prerequisite for a day in the sun. But the days of having to towel off and slip and slide your way to the fridge are over. Let your drink float alongside you in an inflatable cup holder (R129, Cotton On) or go big with an Intex Mega Chill. This floating cooler is the ultimate pool party accessory with five cup holders and space for 30 cans plus ice (R229, Makro).




Your kids might not get excited about a floating cooler but you can be sure they’ll be impressed with the inflatable Swimline water wheel (R800, Sportmans Warehouse). They can keep fit by rolling all over the pool and you will definitely be called in to marshal a few friendly races. For little mermaids and men, the Dizzy Dive power pack (R180, Sportmans Warehouse) is the perfect way to show off and improve their swimming skills. And for tiny tots who are only just finding their fins, an Intex pool cruiser (R69, Makro) in the shape of a shark or fire truck is the perfect way to join in the fun.




While some like to relax by the pool, others like to dive bomb, splash and keep moving. Keep the more energetic of your family and friends happy with a tournament of super-fun pool games. Practise your aim with Intex pool darts (R199.98, The Crazy Store) and spike and dive with an Intex pool volleyball set (R169, Game). Show your national team how it’s done with a water cricky set (R150, Sportsmans Warehouse) and enjoy a good ol’ game of catch with the Waboba Big Kahuna that actually bounces on the water (R90, Sportmans Warehouse). Your pool will be the place to be! Just remember to pick up the Intex double quick air pump and an Intex repair kit to make sure the fun lasts all summer long (R29.99 and R12.99, The Crazy Store). 

Note: If there aren’t any pictures, it didn’t happen. Capture the action with an underwater camera (R299, Cotton On).



Get into the summer vibe and swipe your RCS Card to pick up the best pool accessories for the sunny season. The RCS shopping network covers more than 21 000 stores, giving you plenty of fun stuff to choose from.

* Prices were correct at time of publication, and are subject to change