Created in a New York hotel in the mid-1890s, Waldorf salads contain fresh apples, celery and walnuts, served on a bed of gem lettuce leaves. The health benefits are clear: the walnuts alone will help you fight off heart disease, dementia, diabetes and (because they help keep your blood pressure down) bad moods and stress. That’s before you even get to the apples or the celery (both of which are packed with antioxidants).





½ cup sugar

100g walnuts



4 tbsp mayonnaise

½ tsp fennel seeds

2 tbsp apple juice

2 tsp white wine or apple cider vinegar

Salt and freshly ground black pepper



3 heads of baby gem salad leaves

2-3 celery stalks (leaves and stems finely chopped)

1 apple, julienned

1 bunch grapes, pitted and cut in halves



To make the nuts, melt the sugar until it caramelises to a light honey colour. Put the walnuts on the tray and pour the caramel over the walnuts. Let them cool down, and then break them into pieces. Make the dressing by mixing all the ingredients together. Mix all the salad ingredients together in a suitable stylish serving dish. Add the caramelised walnuts on top. Sprinkle with the dressing and season to taste.


Serves 4




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