If you thought wallpaper was only for stately old manor houses or cottages in the countryside, you’re in for a big, but very pleasant surprise. In the last few years, wallpaper has gotten all grown up. It’s now gorgeous and glamorous enough to make any home feel like a modern mansion. In fact, one of these new wallpaper styles might just be the missing element that will take your home décor from okay to ‘oh my goodness’.


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These aren’t your grandmother’s fussy little rosebuds. Oversized floral wallpapers are hugely in vogue these days and look incredible with a variety of classic and contemporary interior styles. Add character to any room in your house and create a special statement by bringing in nature’s beauty – then supersizing it. To perfect the look, contrast a statement floral wallpaper with modern furniture upholstered in neutral linens and accessorised with luxe velvet.




If you’re looking for a more subtle and symmetrical style for your décor, you’ll be thrilled to discover the clean and orderly lines of the new geometric wallpaper designs. The fresh, simple patterns have a retro pedigree but have been updated to suit the modern trend of minimalism. They’re perfect if you want to achieve a balance between creating interest in a space, without overwhelming the eye. The result is a look that’s chic and sophisticated, with just the right amount of unexpected visual appeal.




If you’ve been paying attention to design trends, you’ll know that texture is quite the buzzword these days. And what simpler and easier way could there be to create texture on plain old painted walls than by using textured wallpaper? Textured wallpapers quickly add depth and contrast to surfaces that painting simply can’t. In fact, textured wallpaper can actually add more light to a room, because it reflects the light differently. There is a vast range of textures available, from traditional embossed prints to botanical pressed patterns to faux-wall surface effects, like wood, stone or brick. And, most 3-D textured wallpapers can be left white, or painted over more than once, meaning you can refresh your colour palette without losing your wall design.



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