Put down the washing and walk away. It’s time to round up the troops and do something cool. The stats say that spending time together is sliding down most people’s to-do list so we’ve put together a collection of activities that will satisfy family members of all ages.


Start a family tradition by trying your hand at a new recipe every week and give it a name like “Cookie Saturdays”. Rate it out of 10 to decide whether it’s one to toss or add to the recipe book. The affordable Love to Bake range will have you covered with everything from cupcake moulds and muffin pans to icing turntables and cookie presses (from R17-R139, Clicks).


Ditch the takeaway menus and take Friday pizza night up a notch with the MasterChef Pizza Cooking Set (R599.90, CNA). Perfect for young cooks, the set comes with the essential tools – sauce ladle, wooden pizza board, pizza pan and pizza cutter – as well as four recipe cards for the best homemade pizzas.



We’d all love to hop on a plane and try the cuisine of an exotic land, but most of us have to settle for a good curry or chow mein from our local takeaway. An international evening is a fun cultural experience where the kids can pick a country to determine the food, décor and customs for the evening. Pick n Pay and Checkers are fully stocked with all the flavours and ingredients you need to whip up a winning burrito or Thai curry, and the Love Cooking 5-in-1 Sushi Maker will turn out the perfect California roll for Japanese night (R149, Clicks).

On a free afternoon you can get the family off the couch with the words “ice cream crawl”. Map out all the ice cream shops in your area and record your favourite flavours on some ice cream sticky notes to make it legit (R149, Superbalist).


With all the treats coming out of the kitchen it’s time to get moving. Riding bikes is the perfect activity for the whole family and you can combine exercise and fun with a riding scavenger hunt. Pick a spot where it is safe to ride and give everyone a simple list of things to find. The first person to find everything on the list wins! (Bikes from R599-R3 500 at Game)

Seeking revenge on a sibling? Start a family water war with a collection of colourful Wazooka water guns (R59.90, Toys R Us). And, if you aren’t a victim of water restrictions then you need to cool off with the ultimate Triple Super Slide that has space for three people to slide at once and comes with three inflatable surfers for a smooth ride (R480, Sportmans Warehouse).

Hitting the gym as a family isn’t as much fun as say, toning tummies with a hula hooping competition (R40, Game). Press play on your favourite playlist and see who can keep spinning the longest. The longest hula hooping record is 74 hours and 54 minutes. Ready, set, go!



When you want to beat the heat or stay in on a rainy afternoon, brush the dust off those old classics like Scrabble, Monopoly and 30 Seconds. The junior versions will make it easy for the kids to join in and keep your dignity intact (R299.99, Checkers).

Tension is the last thing you want at family game night, but it’s all in the spirit of fun with this quick-thinking game where you’re given a subject and you have to try and call out as many of the 10 possible answers written on the card as quickly as possible. Famous cats: Sylvester, Cat in the Hat, Garfield! (R499, Superbalist)

Top Trumps are all the rage and easy to play. Pick your favourite cards from Minions to Star Wars and Marvel Comics, and find out which of your favourite characters come out tops (R99, Superbalist).

For the little ones, the new and improved version of Gone Fishing has 10 large colourful fish, three palm trees and a rotating pond with music that they will love (R299.99, Checkers). Or keep it simple with a few puzzles on the coffee table where you can advise and praise all from the comfort of the couch (from R109.90, Toys R Us).



Make your home the place to be with the best activities and games for spending quality time together as a family. The RCS shopping network covers more than 23 000 stores, giving you plenty of fun stuff to choose from.


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