Long weekends are meant to be about relaxing, taking a holiday, enjoying a well-deserved break, and making some happy memories. The last thing you want is to have it ending in disappointment, with your car broken down and everybody wondering why nobody bothered to check whether there was air in the spare tyre.


You should be keeping up with your regular, scheduled car services – even if your vehicle is out of its warranty. Visit your local mechanic for a quick check-up service about a week before you leave (remember, you can use a credit facility to pay for this – so it won’t blow your holiday budget).


Before you pack the car, check your tyres. The reason we said “before you pack”, is because that spare tyre is often stored in the boot… where all your bags and goodies are going to go! There should be no bulges or tears in the sidewalls, and the tops should have a good amount of tread left.


Then – and this is the part everyone forgets – check your spare tyre, and make sure it has sufficient tyre pressure. (No point replacing a flat tyre with another flat tyre.)


Once the car’s packed and everybody’s ready to hit the road, take a couple of minutes to do a quick walk-around inspection. Make sure the windows are clean, and that the driver’s view of the road – front, back and sides – isn’t impeded.


Then test the lights, including headlights, brake lights, taillights and indicators. If you haven’t had your battery checked, then be sure to pack in a set of jumper cables, just in case.


Then leave the house, start your journey and… stop at your nearest petrol station. You’ll want to start your trip with a full tank of fuel, and you’ll want to ask the attendant to check your tyre pressure.


All good? Great! Enjoy the trip.


Here’s your pre-trip checklist:

Get car servicedCheck tyresCheck spare tyreCheck lightsClean windowsCheck driver's viewFill up the fuel


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