Make RCS Online Payments the smart and data-lite way

14 AUGUST 2023

Paying your RCS account online is a breeze, offering unmatched convenience and efficiency in managing your finances. In today's digital age, there are a variety of ways to handle payments, from our self-service online platform to our RCS mobile app. In this article, we're going to explore four ways you can pay up. Woman smiling while busy on her phone

Key benefits of paying your account online:

Let's see how embracing online payments could make your financial life a whole lot easier.

  • Speed: Online payments are almost instantaneous, unlike traditional payment methods such as cash. Say goodbye to waiting in line or dealing with manual processing.
  • Convenience: Payments can be made from anywhere at any time. With online payments, the world is your payment desk. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, you can pay your account with just a few clicks or taps. This flexibility saves time and effort, especially for busy individuals.
  • Easy management: Our dedicated RCS app and self-service portal are designed for your convenience. Need assistance navigating the app or portal? Our support agents are just a chat away, ready to provide helpful guidance whenever you need it.
  • Variety of payment choices: We understand that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to payment preferences. That's why we offer a range of easy and data-friendly payment methods for your RCS accounts online.

Here's a breakdown of the seamless choices available to you:

Option 1: Download the FREE RCS Mobile App

Download the RCS mobile app for free from your app store and conveniently manage your account on your mobile device.

With the RCS app, you have the flexibility to manage your account anytime, anywhere, 24/7. In addition to facilitating payments, the RCS app offers various features. You can view your latest statements, check your balance, access cash from your card, view deals, update your personal details, and even purchase airtime and data.

Option 2: Self-Service Portal

Navigate to the self-service platform on the website, or simply click on “Login” at the top right to register for Self-Service today. Once you have your RCS Store Card, registering is straightforward. Similar to the app, our Self-Service portal offers more than just payment options. You can check your available credit, download your latest statement, access cash from your card, and update your information and preferences—all in one convenient location.Woman using RCS Mobile App

Option 3: Pay via EFT

You can settle your account via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) by using the details provided in your bank’s online portal:

  • Bank Beneficiary: RCS Card
  • Bank: Standard Bank
  • Account Number: 061 234 745
  • NOTE: Make sure you use your 19-digit RCS Account Number as your payment reference.

Paying via EFT is a secure and efficient method to settle your account hassle-free.

Option 4: Debit Order

Set up this service today and conveniently manage your payments through a debit order by calling us at 0861 729 727. By choosing this option, you can automate your payments, ensuring timely and consistent settlements without needing to remember to make payments. Simply provide the necessary authorisation, and your payments will be processed seamlessly according to the terms agreed upon.

Additional Mobile Features

Remember, you can also dial *120*727* followed by your card number and # to request information about your RCS account. This includes requesting your available credit, current balance, and upcoming instalment due.

Have a question?

The advantages of online payments are numerous, making transactions quicker, more convenient, and easy to use. If you have problems or need help, please contact our dedicated support team for assistance.