Get an account with South Africa’s largest digital credit provider. Digital credit when you have to have it.

What is Mobicred?

Mobicred is a simple & convenient credit facility that allows you to safely shop online with our participating retailers. Your Mobicred account allows you to make one single monthly payment for all your purchases with a revolving credit limit - allowing you to spend whatever you re-pay.

How does Mobicred work?

Mobicred is digital credit that allows you to shop safely at over 55,000 places, both online and in-store*.


You could qualify for up to R50,000* credit in less than 15 minutes*. Repay your balance via a convenient and easy debit order, where your monthly minimum repayment is just 7.5% of your outstanding balance.

*Ts & Cs apply. Select automated income verification and accept pre-agreement.
In-store payments are only accepted at selected retailers.

Say goodbye to struggling with finding your wallet, credit card details, and all the other hassles of traditional credit cards. Mobicred has got it sorted.

Here’s how to checkout online:

  • Shop your chosen online store as per usual, and add to cart.
  • During the checkout process, choose Mobicred as your payment option. To find Mobicred, you may need to first select one of their partner payment gateways like PayU, PayFast, PayGate, Adumo, or Peach Payments.
  • Sign in with your Mobicred username and password. This will trigger an OTP to your registered mobile device.
  • Enter the OTP to complete the payment.
  • You’ll get your order right away from the store, and pay your Mobicred instalments when due.

Fast and easy checkout makes Mobicred great for scoring once-in-a-lifetime deals before they’re sold out!


How do I checkout In-store?

Here’s how to checkout at one of Mobicred's in-store partners:

  • Shop your chosen store as per usual, and fill your basket.
  • Ring up your items at the till to determine the total amount due.
  • Sign in to the Mobicred App and click on “Purchase”. Select the retailer you want to pay at.
  • Follow the prompts and enter the OTP that will be sent to your phone to confirm the transaction. For Shoprite group, your Money Market account will be credited with the amount you’ve selected, and you can use this to pay for your items
  • For merchants other than Shoprite Group, you will provide the generated wiCode to the cashier to complete payment.
  • You can leave the store with your brand new items once the transaction has been completed, and pay your Mobicred instalments when due.

Repayment Timeline

With a Mobicred account, you’re not required to pay off your balance within a set time frame.

As long as you’re making your required minimum payments, it’s up to you to decide how long you need to settle your balance. You can also settle your balance early via additional EFT payments with no fees or penalties for doing so (good for you!).

You can use your account multiple times as long as there is sufficient credit available. So next time you’re shopping online or in-store, #choosemobicred.

How do I get a Mobicred account

While everyone’s application is unique based on their credit history, affordability criteria and other factors; here’s the basics you need to have to apply.

Do I qualify?

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a valid SA ID
  • Have a valid SA cell phone number and email address
  • Have an existing and valid bank account in your name

Will I get a card?

Nope, Mobicred is 100% online. From your application to shopping and account management, everything is digital. Download our App - digital credit in your pocket.


Where can I apply for Mobicred?

You can start an online application here, click on a Mobicred logo or banner from a partner retailer, or download the Mobicred App to apply.

How do I make Mobicred repayments?

A debit order is automatically set up when you open your Mobicred account. A minimum of 7.5% of your outstanding balance will be debited each month. You can also make direct EFTs to Mobicred with your account number as reference to settle your balance earlier, or pay more than the minimum requirement.

Can I use a Mobicred account anywhere?

You can use Mobicred to pay at over 55 000+ online stores, as well as a wide network of in-store retailers. Unfortunately there are a few brands where Mobicred is not yet accepted; but new brands are added each month. Visit the Mobicred website and social pages to see where you can spend with your account.

Are there any fees or interest?

A monthly admin fee is charged when your account has an active balance, and annual interest at 22.25% is charged on the outstanding amount. If you have no outstanding balance and have not made any purchases, you will not be charged any fees until you decide to use your account.

Please note the annual interest rate may change in accordance to changes in the South African REPO rate.

Need help?

Need help? Mobicred has support staff ready to help if you need it. Contact them here:

Contact Cta

Call: 021 126 0700

Whatsapp: 060 762 8284

Email Cta


Mobicred is powered by RCS Cards, a registered Credit and authorized Financial Services Provider. NCRCP 38/FSP 44481.