4 Financial mistakes to avoid with your first job

Financial lessons are there to be learnt at every stage of our lives. Four RCS team members share what...

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Income Protection Planning when Freelancing

As a freelancer or a self-employed person, you know that there are more concerns with regards to your...

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Secured Loan vs Unsecured Loan what's the difference?

Among the many terms that you need to know to be financially educated, knowing if you need or want to...

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Creating a Financial Plan

Financial plans are important tools to have when your finances need a little more structure or if you are...

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How Long to Keep Financial Records?

Throughout our lives, we collect various financial records from transactions, payments, and family...

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What Is the South African National Credit Act (NCA)?

You may not have heard of the term NCA, but it has been in play for the past decade and a half in...

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How to Get Into Financial Shape While You're Young

Suddenly, as you grow into becoming a young adult, responsibilities start piling up. Money management is...

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Securing Your Child’s Financial Future

As a new parent, or an expecting one, your child becomes your number one priority. Making sure that they...

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Why you need to pre-qualify for a loan

Trying to find the best loan to suit your needs? Prequalifying for a loan will allow you to see certain...

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How are personal loan interests calculated?

Interest can be hard to understand, but it is important to know when applying for a personal loan. Read...

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