You’ve planned it down to perfection. You know the exact style of the ring you’re going to buy – maybe it’s for yourself, maybe it’s for your wife/girlfriend/soon-to-be-fiancée – and you’ve figured out the setting, the stone and all the minor design details.


So you walk confidently into the jewellery store, ready to swipe your RCS Card and ready make that purchase. But then the jeweller asks you what size you want… and you don’t know what to say.


Getting the size of the ring right is a key part of the process. Resizing a ring isn’t impossible, but it’s a pain. It adds on unnecessary expense, and it takes the fun out of it all. The jeweller will help you get the exact size, but you can do some homework yourself to figure out your (or your lucky lady’s) finger size.


We’ve created a sizing chart below, but first we need to run through a few rules of thumb. Measure your finger at the end of the day (in the morning your fingers will be cold, and smaller!), and avoid measuring on hot days or after exercising (that’s when your fingers will be hot, and swollen).


Make sure you’re measuring the correct finger. Sounds obvious, but some people miss this step: engagement rings and wedding rings are usually worn on the ring finger (next to the pinkie) on the left hand.


Use a thin wire for the measurement. String can stretch, giving you an inaccurate reading. The ring should fit comfortably – not so loose that it’ll slip off, but not so tight that you can’t take it off without a fight. Measure it three or four times, to be completely sure.


In South Africa, we measure rings by Alphabet Size. (The UK, United States, France, Russia, Germany, Japan and Switzerland all use different systems – so make sure you use the local system.) Here’s a look at the South African ring sizes, and the inner circumference (in millimetres) of the corresponding ring:H½ = 46.5mmI½ = 48mmJ½ = 49mmL = 50.5mmM = 52mmN = 53mmO = 54.5mmP = 55.5mmQ = 57mmQ½ = 58mmR½ = 59.5mmS½ = 61mmT½ = 62mmU½ = 63.5mmV½ = 64.5mmW½ = 66mmY = 67.5mmZ = 68.5mm


Note: Yes, it’s a weird system, and there’s no K or X, and the ½s don’t help… So if you get stuck, chat to your jeweller!

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