Track shorts, sweat shirts, yoga pants… No matter what you’re wearing, or what you’re doing, your clothes should be something that you enjoy wearing. Modern athleisure wear (athletic leisure wear, yes, it’s a thing) is designed to do just that, make you look and feel great, whether you’re running a half-marathon, doing a yoga class or just taking a stroll around the block. Here’s what to look for when you’re out shopping:





Whether you’re lifting, stretching, running or jumping, you’ll want your clothing to be as flexible and lightweight as possible. (After all, you don’t want to be dragging heavy shoes or ill-fitting shorts around!) That’s why your choice of running shoes or trainers is so important. Go for shoes/sneakers that’ll help you along. Nike’s Air Zoom All Out Flyknit sneakers (R2 799, Sportscene) and adidas’s Cloudfoam Race Sneakers (R1 000, Edgars) are all about comfort and performance, keeping your feet well cushioned, no matter what workout you’re doing.




Athleisure wear is designed to boost your performance, but it’s also about looking good. The new trend is about bright, bold colours that make a confident statement. Don’t overdo the colours, though, this ain’t the ’90s. This season it’s all about big placement patterns and colour blocking, where your bright top is balanced by neutral-toned shorts (or vice versa). A new lumo crop top (R250, Foschini) is a great example of this trendy look.



You’re going to break a sweat during your workout, so get used to the idea. Most modern fitness gear uses moisture-wicking technology, where the fabric is specially created to pull moisture from your body – much like a candle drawing wax up the wick to the flame. That moisture then moves to the exterior of the fabric, where it evaporates more easily. It’s a super-smart technology that helps keep you dry and comfortable while you’re exercising. Puma’s moisture-wicking tights (R899, Totalsports) use this highly functional material – as does the Puma packable jacket (R1 400, Edgars) and these stylish green and grey tights (R479, Forever 21).



That means you, and your clothing too. Moisture-wicking fabrics will keep you dry and fresh (avoiding the stinky greenhouse effect!), but that’s only half the job. Choose mesh fabrics – as in this turquoise mesh top (R249, Cotton On) and white zip crop top (R349, Cotton On) – and enjoy cool air on your skin while you’re working up that sweat.




Don’t sweat about Jane Fonda legwarmers or Björn Borg headbands. Modern sports accessories are there to help you win, not make you look like a fashion victim. Get stuff you’ll use, and equipment that’ll help boost your workout. A yoga mat (R250, Foschini) and water bottle (R40, Edgars) should top your list, keeping you hydrated and helping you with your cooldown stretch. Keep your hair out of your eyes with hair bands (braided pack of four, R89, Accessorize; or multicolour pack of four, R189, Accessorize) or a white cap (R249, Forever New).

Finally, keep all your gear together with a stylish carrier bag (R179, Redbat at Sportscene), card holder (R169, Forever New) or clutch bag (R269, Forever New), or with a marble iPhone flip case (R199, Forever New) or pouch running belt (R299, Forever 21).




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