If you’re a garden lover but have little or no space to potter, there are ways to add some foliage to your home.



Figure out what you want to use your small outdoor space for: is it serious gardening or just relaxing with a cup of coffee?

  • Choose big tropical plants to up the cool factor and make the space look bigger.
  • If you’re a fan of low maintenance, skip the grass and put down gravel, stone or decking and use overflowing pot plants.
  • Use the vertical space of a wall behind a flowerbed to hang a trellis.



Start small and build as you learn more about gardening and what you like. Here are a few ways to add plants to your balcony:

  • A tall palm or fruit tree in a solid planter will look great in the corner of your balcony. Just be sure to check that your balcony can hold the weight of a heavy pot.
  • Attach clear glass jars or small pots to a wooden pallet or use a small trellis and attach it to the wall. Use the planters for your favourite herbs.
  • Pretend you’re in Paris and hang planters filled with flowers over the rails of your balcony.



You can really be creative when adding pot plants to the inside of your home. These are a few of our favourite ideas:

  • Create a minimalist herb garden on your windowsill.
  • Macramé is making a comeback so get yourself a hanging plant holder.
  • A wooden stepladder is an interesting way to display a few of your favourite plants.



  • Clear the clutter and have a plan for your garden.
  • For a chic garden, stick to three colours (with green being one of them).
  • Start your garden with a base of evergreen plants that will look beautiful even in the winter months. You can then add seasonal plants for variety.



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