Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, and what looks amazing on one person can look completely different on the next. To dress with confidence, start by deciding what your favourite part of your body is – this is the bit that we’re going to draw attention to by choosing certain styles over others.


“You wear your clothes, not the other way around,” says body positive activist and blogger Meg de Jong of “Pick clothing that makes you feel amazing when you have it on, not something that just looks good on a hanger or mannequin.”



Our sturdy legs carry us day in and day out – we have every reason to show them a little love. If your legs are one of your favourite bits of yourself, show them off with above-the-knee skirts and funky little shorts for a more casual look. If you’re feeling the chill in the colder months, why not try a monotone outfit with some really funky tights or stockings?



Ladies with big busts will be the first to tell you that a little cleavage can go a long way. Experiment with different necklines – from scoop neck to Bardot or V-neck – to find the one that you’re most comfortable with. Investing in some good quality, supportive underwear can go a long way to help you feel secure.



If you’re wanting to draw attention to your waist, look no further than the high-waisted trend – there are options for both fans of skirts and pants. A fun, funky belt can also help guide the eye to this area, or, try on a jumpsuit for a really fresh, funky look.



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