10 Habits to become debt-savvy

15 AUGUST 2023

Even the most money-smart people are not just born with it. Here are 10 habits you too can adopt to become debt-savvy.Woman with glasses on working on laptopYour journey to being money-smart starts with two things: planning for the future and being consistent, even in these uncertain times.

Marinè van Brakel, CFO of local consumer finance business at RCS says ultimately, your credit rating determines what credit one can get in the future: “Maintaining existing debt repayments is crucial to ensure that one’s credit rating is not negatively impacted,” says Marinè. “It’s of upmost importance to make that you stay on top of your existing financial commitments by making the necessary behavioral changes or alternatively, to even make appropriate arrangements with your credit providers.” Listen to the interview here.

Here we share 10 habits to adopt to become debt-savvy.

Infographic - 10 Habits to become debt-savvy