Essential Checklist Ahead of Winter

22 APRIL 2024

After the recent Cape storms, it is more evident than ever that winter is fast approaching. While we still have time it is important to do the necessary maintenance to your home to prevent sudden emergencies when the cold sets in.It’s often in the worst weather that we realise where we need to make improvements to our home, and this usually comes in the form of weather proofing. Taking care of some of these issues will save time and money down the line, and with the current economic conditions, not everyone has the budget to put aside. This is why it is important to have some foresight and be prepared.


Sitting down to make a check list of the things that usually need maintenance during the winter months can help you to plan efficiently, instead of just going in blindly and potentially purchasing things that you don’t really need. Let’s go through a few of the things that can become prominent in winter. If you live in a part of South Africa where there is a lot of winter rainfall, then you want to limit those pesky leaks that can end up damaging furniture or electronics. 

This makes a waterproofing check of vital importance. Another area of concern can be mould, which can quickly get out of hand. Ensuring that your walls don’t have damp and that there is less moisture in your home can keep that nasty mould at bay, and having something on hand to prevent its spread can really save a lot of time and money, take a look at products such as Mould Buster from Builders, which you can pick up for just R99.00.

Wet Laundry

Another persistent problem that families face is how to keep your washing dry, with the wet weather comes damp and muddy clothes, especially if you have little ones. This can get frustrating when you have days on end of rain, but by planning you can ensure that you and your family have dry, clean clothes to wear. Look at items like an indoor laundry line option – this does not have to take up space because most of these options fold up conveniently and can be stored when not in use. Remember that running a tumble drier is not only harsh on your clothes, but also harsh on your already-elevated electricity bill. At Builders you have a few options, including the expandable 2 Tier clothesline for only R776.00.winter checklist indoor heatingKeeping Warm

It seems like the most obvious of matters, but winter can bring in some extreme temperature drops in certain parts of the country, especially at night, and all too often we find ourselves racing to the stores to pick up a heater. Before this item is in demand, it’s a good idea to check out deals or prices before the onset of winter. Also, with loadshedding still a concern, you may want to consider the option you select – with gas heaters potentially being a solution too. Making a purchase early might save you from those inevitable price hikes that come with increased demand. Think about your space and what size heater would best suit your needs, whatever they may be Builders is sure to have an option for you. This Brights floor fan heater is smaller than the usual, standard heater and really easy on the pocket. 

If you require something a little larger and you don’t really have the space, then consider something like the Goldair PTC Heater - this fancy-looking standing heater has been discounted by R100.00, costing only R899.00 (at the time of writing). 

If you’d prefer to skip heaters all together, there is another option worth considering – heated blankets. These life-changing inventions will ensure that your bed is a warm and cosy retreat after a long day, and as you only need to run it for an hour or so before bed, it is a cost-effective option when looking to save on the electricity bill. While you are picking up the other goods at Builders or Brights, you can pick up the Pure Pleasure Double Electric Blanket for R30 off or the compact Pure Pleasure 137cm non-fitted electric blanket.

The best part is that if you have an RCS Store Card, you can take advantage of these deals without having to dig into your monthly budget – allowing you to pay off your purchases at an affordable rate and with up to 55 days interest free. Don’t have an RCS Store Card? Open an account today, spend R500 or more and get a R250 voucher!