Feast the Smart Way this Festive Season

18 DECEMBER 2023

The festive season is upon us, which means that it's time for long days, sea, sand, belt-busting meals and feverish children with lengthy lists of toy demands. As much as this is usually a time for unwinding after a long, tough year, it can often be a somewhat stressful occasion with excessive financial demands.

However, there is a way to prevent your bank account from sucking the joy out of your December holidays, and that is by smart Christmas shopping. In this article, we take a look at the current festive promotions at your disposal, why taking advantage of these types of deals can free up your budget and help you sneak through to payday on the other side of January.

We'll focus on the items that you'll likely need at mealtimes over the festive season, and where you can stock up on some important staples.

Game's festive shopping catalogue is packed with some real gems, with deals on soft drinks, milk, rice, treats and commonly used sauces, like mayonnaise and tomato sauce.

Christmas day can often be costly in more ways than one, but after the boxes under the tree, the feast that follows is at the top of the expenditure spreadsheet.

Pick 'n Pay has a full feasting catalogue for you to sink your teeth into, with some decent deals on popular meats, such as gammon and lamb. The catalogue is also great for preparation of special meals throughout the holidays, allowing you to properly budget on things like cheeses, desserts, cookies and a whole lot more.

Spar is also getting into the festive mood with some top deals in their Christmas catalogue - such as bacon for R29.99 per pack - or two for R56. You can also grab Bonnita salted butter for just R59.99, saving you over R20. This smart set of savings is available until 25 December and is packed with even more deals on items like gammon, ice cream, soft drinks and custard.

Smart spending throughout December can go a long way in helping you start 2024 on the right foot. For many, holiday spending can get reckless, so it is advisable to sit down now, before you switch off, and decide how much you’d like to spend and what your limits will be.

If you make use of products such as an RCS credit card or store card, you can help alleviate some costs by having the chance to pay off your purchases in the months to come, which could give you a little more cash in hand to make the most of your holiday season.

A solid tip for getting through this period with minimal damage is to create lists – not only of just gifts, but map out your monthly grocery shop, special treats, outings and presents. The more you can jot down and budget for, the closer you will be to effectively manage your way through a fun-filled festive season with no ‘Januworry’ in sight.