How can I Afford to Further my Education?

30 MAY 2024

It’s not uncommon for people who already have a job to feel as though they’re missing out on doing what they truly love. When that feeling becomes strong enough that you simply can’t ignore it any longer, searching for affordable courses and qualifications which could get your foot in the door is the next logical step. There are two primary challenges which need to be worked out, scheduling and financing.A man sitting at a table, deep in thought with a thought bubble above his head.In this article, we take a look at which current courses are popular options for furthering your education, as well as explain how taking a personal loan with RCS can leave you feeling empowered to take the important leap of forging the future you feel you were meant to have. Added to this, using the RCS Loan Calculator, you can work out what your course is likely to cost monthly.

In an article published by BusinessTech earlier this year, they released the current list of the top 20 in-demand jobs in South Africa. This is often a good starting point for people looking to study, as it indicates areas where the best gaps in the job market are. The list was based on jobs advertised over the course of 2023:

  • Middle/Department Management
  • Software Development
  • Representative/Sales Consulting
  • Financial/Project Accounting
  • Systems/Network Administration
  • Admin Clerk
  • Bookkeeping
  • Senior Management
  • Team Leaders & Supervisors
  • Data Analysis/Data Warehousing
  • Business Analysis
  • Building Project Management
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Business Development
  • Purchasing & Procurement
  • Human Resources
  • Executive Management/Director
  • Client/Customer Support
  • Account Management
  • Cost & Management Accounting

A girl sitting at a desk, using a laptop and writing in a notebook for her studiesThe list above indicates opportunities across various industries, and taking a strong business course could assist you in either breaking into one of the sectors, or aid you in being able to apply for a senior or managerial role.

For example, a Software Engineering Bootcamp through Stellenbosch University will set you back R44 900. Using the RCS personal loan calculator, you can work out that paying the loan for the course back over three years (36 months) will cost around R2,429.62 per month on a R50 000 loan.

If you’ve been climbing the corporate ladder and are looking for a boost to your business management skills, you could look for something like CPUT’s Business Management short course. This 10-week course is geared for owners and managers of small and medium businesses who need to improve their managerial skills, and costs R8000. Using the RCS loan calculator indicates that you can pay for this course with a R10 000 personal loan, and still have some change for any studying-related material you may need. Taking the loan over 12 months will set you back R 1,185.77.

Bookkeeping is a highly-desired skill at present, and heading to Damelin Online will allow you to take a 10-week short course to brush up your number crunching skills. This course costs R11 828.30 and consists of 10 modules. Using the RCS loan calculator, you can work out that a R12 000 loan taken over 24 months would mean that you will only pay around R839.62 per month!A woman sitting at a desk, using a computer and camera for work.Using the RCS loan calculator will help you easily budget for your studies and a personal loan is an ideal product to deal with shorter courses or studies that can enhance your career trajectory while you continue working. Completing these studies, although at a cost, can fast-track your route to promotion and in turn, assist in improving your monthly earnings - offering a long-term impact on your financial situation.

Whether you want to apply for a loan online, or simply use the loan calculator for budgeting purposes, head to the RCS website now.