How Quickly Can I Get a Personal Loan?

30 MAY 2024

If you want to get a personal loan quickly and easily, there is a simple solution – apply online with RCS now. Getting a personal loan quickly requires a few simple online steps, and once you know if you qualify, you can quickly complete the process and have the funds available within 24 hours! To first check if you qualify, fill out some of your personal details as well as confirm your earnings, a quick online check will then be done to see what you could apply for. You will need to submit your South African ID or driver’s license, as well as your proof of income to corroborate what you have filled in.A man sitting at a desk with a laptop and an hourglass filled with sand.It is important to note that to apply for a personal loan with RCS you will need to be 18 or older, have a South African ID or driver’s license and bank account, be employed and earning at least R3000, and can provide the relevant documentation.

Now that the easy part is out of the way, let’s take a deeper look at why choosing a personal loan with RCS is the smart solution.

Key Benefits of an RCS Personal Loan:

  • Strict Qualification Process: RCS is highly ethical in regard to which consumers it believes can afford the loan size they have requested. You will never be placed in a position which leaves you vulnerable outside of unforeseeable circumstances.
  • Flexible cash loan options: RCS offers a significant range of cash loan options for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a small loan to cover some unexpected expenses, or a large amount of cash for a bigger project, you can loan anywhere from R2000 up to R250 000 from RCS. 
  • Turnaround times: RCS is a leader in store and personal credit options with a long history in the industry. During this time, RCS has streamlined the application process to ensure simplicity in applying for credit online, lightning-fast answers in terms of credit approval, and money in your account within 24 hours after successfully applying.
  • Customer protection insurance: Whenever taking credit, you want to ensure that you have full peace of mind should you find yourself in a position where your earning is impacted through retrenchment, injury or even death. RCS provides excellent customer protection insurance that will come to the rescue should you find yourself in an unexpected scenario.
  • Excellent repayment options: As with the loan options, the repayment terms are also flexible to fit your requirements. If you are taking a smaller loan, it is often best to pay it off quickly. RCS loan repayment terms range from 12-60 months. These terms will impact both the monthly instalment you will need to pay, as well as the overall interest.
  • Considerably low interest: Of course, this is impacted by your credit score and history, and those with good credit records could get interest as low as 15% on their personal loans.

A man in formal attire writes in a notebook while looking at a computer screenBeyond the application and payout process, RCS has also looked at innovative ways to help you manage your accounts, payments and purchases, all of which can be done with a few simple clicks in the RCS app.

RCS also promotes responsible credit for clients. Always make sure that you consider why you want or need credit and assess whether or not it is the best solution for your current needs. Secondly, RCS will help, but always try to ensure that you only opt for loans within your financial comfort zone.

RCS also makes it easy for you to assess your own affordability by making use of the online personal loan calculator. This handy tool offers you the chance to look at the credit amount that you are aiming to apply for, the preferred terms that you would like to have for the loan, and what your potential monthly repayment on the loan would be. This is great for research purposes before applying, as it will give you a more realistic indication of what your credit will cost over the months ahead. Of course, it is important to note that the calculator will not give you an exact cost, as your repayments could be impacted by the final interest rate that you will qualify for.

If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for on the personal loans page, please visit our easy-to-follow FAQ section or contact us directly.