Tips to stay social while saving

15 AUGUST 2023

Having a social life need not get you into debt. Work these easy strategies into your monthly get-together calendar and you’ll be saving in no time.Friends piggy-backing each other and laughingBecoming fit takes commitment and a desire to be healthier. Similarly, financial fitness is something that you need to practice and spend time on to get the results you want – easier said than done when trying to maintain a social life as well, right? Wrong! Try to implement these three strategies into your social schedule and you’ll be right on your way to taking your financial wellness into your own hands.

People enjoying food and wine together1. MANAGE SOCIAL EXPECTATIONS

If you’re trying to save or cut back on spending, make it known to your family and friends. There’s nothing shameful about trying to be responsible with your money. Let them know that you’re reducing how often you can go out, or the kinds of events that are pocket-friendly for you.


Accepting every invitation to dine out can add up. Rather set a date to go out once a month – and volunteer to find the restaurant and make the reservation so you have control over what kind of budget it allows – and make it count. Use apps like The Entertainer to find the best restaurant and activity deals close to you. If you’re dining out with friends, use bill-splitting apps such as Splid or Splitwise. Alternatively, host a potluck. Buy the ingredients for your meal from food retailers within the RCS Shopping Network using your RCS Store Card and get up to 55 days interest-free on your purchases.


Start a craft, games or book club. It’s a great way to stimulate your creativity and smarts or have a laugh while hanging out. Get together once a month with friends and rotate the location or hosts monthly. Stock up on board games or craft tools to get you started at CNA and books at Exclusive Books using your RCS Store Card for affordable monthly installments.

Arts and crafts4. HIT THE ROAD

A two-day or longer weekend adventure road trip is a great way to get outdoors, explore our beautiful country and spend time with friends. It can even be planned and budgeted for well ahead of time. Fill up the tank at selected Engen garages with your RCS Store Card and access cash when you need it.

Woman smiling while drivingFURTHER READING

Local author Mapalo Makhu’s best-selling book, You’re Not Broke, You’re Pre-Rich, is packed with tips to help you live your best financial life. Grab a copy at Exclusive Books, available to purchase using your RCS Store Card.

By being financially savvy, you’ll hopefully encourage those close to you to follow suit. After all, financial wellness is something we should all aspire to.