There are a few precious moments in life that you’ll never forget: your wedding day, the birth of your children, walking your daughter down the aisle. And the event that sparks it all: the day you get engaged.

With a few unique ideas – and a little extra cash to spend from an RCS Personal Loan – you can make sure your proposal is one of the most unforgettable days of your life. Apply now to get the cash you need – it’s a fast, paperless process; you get a decision in seconds, and cash in your account within 24 hours.

Here are 10 totally unique (and incredibly Instagrammable!) proposal ideas we love.




  1. Ring the changes: A unique proposal doesn’t have to be all about the time or place – the ring can make all the difference. Instead of going with a traditional diamond, choose an unusual stone, metal or setting – or a different colour diamond, like black, pink or red.
  2. Put a stamp on it: Does she love her morning coffee? Have a jeweller hand-stamp the big question into a vintage teaspoon, then place it into her coffee. As a bonus, she has a sweet memento to keep forever.
  3. Mile-high proposal: Whisk your sweetheart away to a gorgeous romantic destination. Once you’re on the plane, ask the flight attendants if you can use the plane’s loudspeaker system – and then pop the question at 35 000 feet! Best of all, you’ll celebrate in style once you land.
  4. Photobomb proposal: Have T-shirts made for your friends and family members that spell out the question. Then gather everyone for a party or braai. At some point, suggest a group photo to get everyone to reveal their letters.
  5. Tricked you! Everyone wants their proposal captured on film, but it’s tricky to do it without letting the cat out of the bag. Hire a photographer and tell your partner you’ve won a couple’s photoshoot. Get all dressed up, then pop the question during the shoot. Use the rest of the shoot for your engagement photos.
  6. Eat your heart out: Take her to a restaurant she’s always dreamed of going to – bonus if it’s in a different city! And don’t forget to splash out on a good bottle of bubbly. There’s simply nothing that can touch being proposed to in Paris, Milan, Zanzibar or Thailand.
  7. Cloud nine proposal: Does she love a bit of fuss? Hire a skywriter and pop the question in the sky!
  8. Daredevils unite: Do you have an adventurous streak? If you’re a couple who loves an adrenaline rush, get out your mini whiteboard and pop the question while skydiving, paragliding or deep-sea diving.
  9. Not just hot air: Show her you’re serious by hiring a hot air balloon and getting down on one knee, high up in the sky, without losing your balance!
  10. Just like in the movies: Film yourself in some of your favourite places and tell her why they’re so special to you (or better yet, get a professional to do it). Then ask your local cinema if you can hire a screen. Make sure you have popcorn, sweets, drinks and a bottle of bubbly ready, and then play her the reel. Be ready to pop the question at the end of your film.




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