• Prep properly before you begin. If you have bought a real tree, spend some time pruning it carefully into the shape you like. If you have a synthetic tree (available from Game from R300), pay attention to fanning out the branches properly to get a thick and bushy effect.
  • Add the lights first. Putting the lights on first allows you to better conceal the wires, while also adding extra depth to your tree.
  • Conceal the base. If your tree isn’t in a bucket or tub, consider concealing the base with some tinsel or crepe paper.

  • Consider your decorations. If you already have a collection of decorations, it may be tempting just to throw them all on. If you’d like to try something different to the regular mish-mash this year, pick out some of your favourites, and use them as a basis for a new theme. For example, if you have an angel tree topper that’s white and gold, consider using those colours as your theme and supplementing what you have with a few new things that really make it work.
  • Start at the top. Always put your most precious and delicate decorations at the top of the tree – out of the way of enthusiastic children and boisterous pets.

  • Carry the theme through. For a tree that really looks like something out of a magazine spread, co-ordinate your wrapping with your decorations. Pick n Pay, Checkers and Game all have a wide variety of wrapping and gift bags to go with whatever theme you choose.

  • Throw out all the rules. Red and green aren’t your colours? No problem! Go for a more unconventional colour combo, be it turquoise and purple or anything else. We love the multicoloured tinsel and baubles at Checkers for a real rainbow tree (from R32.99 and R39.99 each).
  • Think beyond the tree. The Christmas tree will inevitably be the centrepiece of the room, but consider spreading the decorations further than just this one area. Windows look lovely and festive with lights blinking in them, and nothing is more welcoming than a wreath at the front door.
  • Have fun. The most important tip of all is to have fun while doing it! Don’t leave it to the last minute – pick a special time when your whole family is available, put out a plate of mince pies and have a blast!
  • Store your decorations safely. After the fun of the festive season is over, it will be time to take it all down again. Use the opportunity to get a little organised. Fishing tackle boxes make great decoration storage units, and large Ziploc bags can be great for storing unruly tinsel in. Pack them all safely into a storage bin and put them away until next year, when you get to do this all over again!


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