Want to dress your best while fashion shopping on a budget? No problem. All it takes is a bit of planning and insider tips:

Have a clothing budget and shopping list. Shopping aimlessly usually means you spend more than necessary. Invest in classics. Spend more on wardrobe staples like a crisp white shirt, little black dress, well-fitted blazer and two pairs of flattering jeans. They will last you for years to come. Visit Queenspark for timeless items.Freshen up old looks with new accessories. Spend less on trendy items which may not be in fashion this time next year. Playful bangles and a bright handbag will reinvent any outfit and needn’t break the bank. Visit Accessorize for this season’s must-haves.Have a colour pallet of three or four basic colours. That way, you can mix and match items easily without buying too much.Mix solids with prints to make your wardrobe seem bigger. Take advantage of end-of-season sales, especially where designer labels are concerned. Nothing is more satisfying than finding a pricey item for a fraction of the price. Stuttafords sells a wide range of designer collections and often have sales worth investigating.Avoid buying items that need dry cleaning. You might end up spending more on cleaning than the item itself.Explore factory outlets, like JAM and Meltz, which sell chain store over runs and big brand cancellations for less. Sometimes you need to time to rummage through all those clothes to find a gem. Resist the temptation to buy something just because it’s cheap.Reinvent old clothes. Reline old coats, reheel or resole old shoes and repair or tailor old favourites. If you loved them once you can love them again. If you fall for something expensive, wait before buying it. Use the “One Week Rule”.If you’re still lusting after those Nine West shoes then they may be worth splurging on. If you’ve forgotten about them, you’ve saved yourself some money.Try clothes on. Just because something looks fabulous on a mannequin, doesn’t always mean it will look great on human curves. Don’t waste money on nice clothes that don’t fit you properly. By the same token, you probably won’t wear something if it’s uncomfortable so make sure you feel as good as you look.


Look great for less and shop around for the best price and get your fashion fix on your RCS Card.