Family holidays are the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together and create memories that will last a lifetime. And, although travelling with kids can put every parent to the test, some planning and these five easy tips will get you through it with minimal stress. If you need financial help during the planning process, you can apply for an RCS Personal Loan. Thanks to our fast, paperless application process, you can have the cash you need to book your holiday in your account within 24 hours.




According to travel experts, one of the best ways to keep kids happy on holiday is to involve them in planning the holiday with you. Try asking them to choose from different destinations or holiday styles, for example: beach or bush, camping or cottage. Also ask them to help you research the different activities on offer at your destination, including things to do on rainy days. They can then make a list of the activities they want to do and take turns choosing from the activity list while you’re on holiday.




Look for accommodation in a safe, central area that’s close – preferably within walking distance – to activities and shops. This can save you plenty on petrol and parking costs, as well as cut down on boring car time for the kids. Self-catering accommodation can be a massive money saver, as it allows you to prepare some or all of your meals yourself, and have healthy snacks handy for the kids whenever those hunger pangs strike. Alternatively, choose a hotel or resort that offers free accommodation, meals, and activities for kids. If you choose a hotel chain with a loyalty programme, you may also be able to save on future holidays.




Every parent dreads the question, “Are we there yet?” because the answer is almost always: “Not even close.” It’s not fair to expect young kids to sit still for hours on end, so if you’re doing a long road trip, plan your route to allow for frequent breaks, ideally every two hours. Look for interesting farm stalls or picnic spots, beautiful viewpoints or historic monuments. Give them a chance to run around and burn off some energy. Even if you usually limit electronics, let them use a tablet, smartphone, or video game system to keep them entertained while you drive. And, be sure to pack plenty of padkos. Hangry kids can put a damper on any holiday in minutes.




Remind your kids that home safety rules apply on holiday too. For example, don't open the door to strangers, and don’t leave it open or unlocked. If your kids have a habit of wandering off, consider investing in small GPS trackers that will alert you if they get too far away and let you see exactly where they’ve gone. Your kids should also have your contact information with them at all times, including phone numbers, email addresses, and the address where you’re staying on holiday. Young children should carry a note or card in their pocket or shoe, while older kids can memorise your contact details and save them on their phones.




Keep the kids entertained and involved in the holiday by encouraging them to record new experiences and fun memories. You could give them each a scrapbook kit with a blank notebook, coloured pens, and glue. Challenge them to keep a holiday journal, draw the things they see, and paste in ticket stubs and postcards from places you visit. They could also collect autographs and doodles from friends they meet on holiday. If your kids have smartphones, encourage them to take photographs and videos so that you can create a family holiday album together.



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