With the festive season upon us, kids everywhere are giddy at the thought of what treasures the holidays will bring. These eight toys – all of which are available at retailers on the RCS Shopping Network – are definite winners.


They’re flying off the shelves and topping every kid’s wishlist. Luckily, drones are now totally affordable and easy to pick up at Makro, Incredible Connection or Dion Wired. Check out the wide range of models and prices starting at R599 and going all the way up to R19 999 for real enthusiasts.   

No job is too big, no pup is too small! Paw Patrol is a big hit with the littlies. Choose your favourite pup and vehicle combos (R350, Game), from Chase in his cruiser to Marshall the firefighter, and get ready for your next rescue mission.


No matter the age or gender of your kiddo, Lego is always a sure hit. There are dozens of legendary kits so you can build all your favourite characters and structures. Start your search online or in store by browsing the wide range of sets available at Makro, Game and Toys R Us.

If the thought of animal hair on your furniture drives you crazy, then check out these adorable robotic pets (R799.90, Toys R Us) that walk, sit, beg and jump into your hand. They’ll make happy sounds when you pet them, wiggle their ears and tail, and respond to your voice and hand gestures.

It can be tough deciding which My Little Pony to take home, but the Cutie Mark range (from R149.90 at Toys R Us) is the key to any little girl’s heart. Each pony comes with a comb and barrette and a special twist to make her extra magical.



Take the hard work out of learning to read with Leapfrog’s Read with Me, Scout or Violet (R499, Makro). It will keep kids entertained for hours on end with an interactive puppy and read-aloud stories and comprehension questions. It’s the perfect companion on long roadtrips. 

If Minecraft has yet to invade your home then it’s a sure winner for game lovers. Designed for kids, it’s all about building things and going on adventures. Pick up a version for Xbox or PlayStation (R399-R499, Makro).

The latest toy on the market is a bit of a splurge, but loads of fun. Care for your hatchimal (R1 499.90 at Toys R Us) to get it to peck its way out of the egg. Once it has hatched you’ll need to raise the hatchimal from a baby to a toddler and finally into a kid through different games and actions.

* Prices were correct at time of publication, and are subject to change.



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