Imagine seasoning tomato sauces with freshly picked basil leaves, roast chicken with lemon thyme, and grilled veggies with a sprig of rosemary – aromatic herbs grown in your own kitchen. Having an indoor herb garden has many perks: the convenience of fresh produce at your fingertips, savings on groceries, and best of all, the satisfaction of knowing you grew them yourself.

Modern living leaves most of us short on garden space – but that’s the beauty of growing herbs indoors. All you need is a sunny windowsill, expert tips, and the best products you can buy* retailers within the RCS Shopping Network to start an indoor herb garden. Use your RCS Store Card and get up to 55 days interest-free.**

Here’s an easy guide to starting your indoor herb garden:


Growing happy, thriving herbs at home is easy if you get the right kind. Fuss-free thyme, rosemary, chives, basil, oregano, parsley and mint are good choices if you’re a beginner.

Start by getting good-quality potting soil and seedlings from a reputable garden shop like Builders using your RCS Store Card.

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Whatever pots or planters you choose, make sure they have drainage holes to get rid of excess water, and a saucer to protect the surface underneath. Also consider the size of the pot – the smaller the container the sooner you’ll have to repot your herbs.

GET IT: EH Flower Pot in Terracotta 8X7 cm, R43 each from Home etc. and Garden Master 15 cm Pot Set, R79 from Makro


Herbs love lots of sunlight. Maximise their exposure by placing them close to a south-facing window with bright light – they need at least six hours of sun to grow healthily. Herbs grow slower in winter, so you might consider buying an LED light or a grow light to keep them thriving.

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It’s surprisingly easy to over-water herbs. Use a watering can to keep the soil moist, but not drenched. Watch out for wilting or yellowing leaves as a sign to cut back on water.

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Once your herbs have grown to a good size, you can harvest small sprigs or leaves by pinching them off with your fingers or using a pair of shears. Cutting back your herbs encourages new growth, but avoid removing too much of the plant as it can distress and even kill the plant.

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