It’s the festive season and shopping for essentials such stationery for the new year may take a back seat while you pull out all the stops to get your loved ones the gifts on their wish lists. Luckily, we’ve got you sorted, with gifts to cover both back-to-school and -work essentials for when January (which is right around the corner), and so everyone can enjoy the excitement of opening their presents. Get these with the help of an RCS Personal Loan from as little as R2 000 and up to R250 000 in as little as 24 hours with an easy online application.




The MacBook Air is a staple notebook for the business professional or varsity student looking for high-speed processing, Retina display, impressive memory and sleek design in a notebook. To make the user’s life even easier, it has all-day battery life and, and its weight and durability make it easy to carry around.

GET IT: MacBook Air 13-inch 1.8Ghz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 128GB, R15 999, Incredible Connection.




A thoughtful gift suitable for the stylish professional is the quintessential leather laptop bag. Laptop bags don’t need to be dreary and boring to be practical. Get your hands on a quality leather laptop bag with extra built-in storage.


GET IT: Leather Laptop Bag, R2 799, Mat & May




If you’re looking for a gift to help your loved one relax after a stressful day at work or school, these wireless headphones are ideal. Bluetooth connectivity the future for wireless sound, allowing a listener to put their device down and focus on the task at hand. The Beats Solo3 headphones have this functionality, plus they last long (with over 40 hours of battery life), charge quickly and have cushioning for comfort. Did we mention they’re stylish too?

GET IT: Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones Matte Gold, R2 999, Incredible Connection




It’s easy to find yourself sitting at your desk for hours on end, chasing a work deadline or putting in those extra hours of studying. However, studies have shown that prolonged hours of sitting combined with other poor health choices could lead to adverse health effects such as weight gain, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active - RG, comes with a stylish customisable watch face, may be the perfect answer to motivating a loved one to stay active throughout their day. It’s a fitness watch that actively gives the wearer advice and helps them achieve their daily health goals – including sitting less, through its ‘Daily Activity’ feature.

GET IT: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active – RG, R5 099, DionWired




What better gift to present to an executive at the end of the year than something they are sure to use in the office daily. Luxco’s ATX 886-3MS pen with a tapered silhouette and integrated clip is beautiful, sleek and comes with a lifetime mechanical guarantee.


GET IT: Luxco Fountain Pen, R2 395, Luxco



A thoughtful gift can give the receiver endless joy or make their life that much easier, and that’s priceless. With an RCS Personal Loan with interest from as low as 15% and up to 60 months to pay, you can give a loved one just that this festive season. Apply for an RCS Personal Loan today and get a decision in seconds.