When in doubt, just add some glitter, right? New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to add some sparkle and take your everyday makeup look from fab to glam! Whether you’re celebrating into the early hours of 2019 or having a quiet night with friends and family, you’re bound to love recreating this makeup look!


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This might seem bizarre, but whenever you’re planning to do a bold eye-makeup look that uses bright colours, glitters and pigments, it is always a good idea to do your eye makeup first. That way, if there is any fall-out or mess, you can simply use a makeup wipe to clean the area around your eyes before applying the rest of your makeup.


TRY: Johnson's Face Care Hydration Essentials Cleansing Wipes (R54, Clicks) OR MAC Makeup Wipes (R475, Edgars Beauty)



If you want your makeup to look flawless all night, it’s important to make sure you use products that are built to last. An eyeshadow primer is a tacky formula that is applied directly to your eyelid and is great for making eye makeup appear more vibrant and helps eyeshadows last longer. Start by applying a thin layer of eyeshadow primer all over the lid, and gently blending the formula out, paying special attention to the edges.  


TRY: Wet n Wild Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer (R129, Clicks) OR Urban Decay Primer Potion (R330, Foschini)





Before you start having some fun with bold colours and glitters, you’ll want to use a matte colour in the crease of your lid. The crease shade helps ‘ground’ the look and is usually a neutral matte shade. Using a blending brush, dip into your favourite neutral shade and apply it just above the crease of your lid. It’s important to spend a lot of time blending the shade out to avoid any harsh lines. Next, add a bit of dimension to your crease by choosing an eyeshadow that is similar to the first eyeshadow that you used, just a bit darker. Using a small crease brush, apply your darker crease colour on the outer edge of your crease. Now, grab a fluffy crease brush, dip into the first shade and blend both shades out, giving it a gorgeous smokey effect.



Eyeshadows: NYX Professional Makeup Hot Singles Eye Shadow in the shade: Sex Kitten Bimbo and Betrayal (R100, Clicks) OR Smashbox Full Exposure Palette (R1 200, Foschini)

Brushes: Eyeshadow Blending Brush (R130, The Body Shop); Estée Lauder Shadow Brush (R495, Edgars Beauty)



A good tip to remember is that whenever you are trying to achieve a glamorous look, it will likely look ‘odd’ right up until the very end. However, the secret is to be patient, add small layers of eyeshadow at a time, blend, blend, blend and persevere because it always comes together right at the end!


Once you have a good neutral smokey crease, you can build on the look and add your favourite matte colour, just as you had done with the second crease shade. Start by using a smaller brush to apply the bolder colour right where you want it, and then go back to the fluffy crease brush you had used before, dip into the first crease shade and blend it all out, creating a seamless change between the shades. You may need to repeat this step a few times, to get the bold colour to look as vibrant as you had hoped, but it’s all up to you how intense you’d like the look to be!


TRY: NYX Professional Makeup Hot Singles Eye Shadow in the shade: Pink Lady (R100, Clicks) OR Urban Decay Iconic Eyeshadow in Woodstock (R250, Foschini)





Of course, glitter is the real star of this makeup look, so to make sure it gets the spotlight it deserves, you’ll need the perfect canvas. Using your favourite high-coverage concealer and a small concealer brush, apply the smallest amount of concealer to the centre of your lid to create a cut crease. Due to the chunkiness of glitter, it can move and fall off easily which is less than ideal for a big night, so make sure you get a good glitter glue that is safe for around your eye area. Start by applying the glue to the lid, before pressing on the cosmetic-grade glitter to your lid using your fingertip, creating a contrast between the smokey-matte shades and sparkling glitter.



Concealer: Maybelline Poreless and Matte Fit Me Concealer (R110, Foschini) OR Smashbox Studio Skin 24-Hour Concealer (R405, Foschini)

Glue: Essence Get Your Glitter On Glitter Primer (R60, Clicks) NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Primer (R134, Clicks)

Glitter: Essence Get Your Glitter On Loose in the shade: B-Dazzled (R64, Clicks), NYX Professional Makeup Face & Body Glitter in the shade: Ice (R124, Clicks)

Brushes: Concealer brush (R30, Signature Cosmetics) OR Bobbi Brown Concealer Blending Brush (R445, Edgars Beauty)





To complete this dramatic eye look, use a liquid eyeliner to create a flick, swipe on a volumising mascara and if you’re up to it, apply some bold lashes. Lastly, using a detailer brush, carefully apply the bright matte eyeshadow below your lashes, completing the smoked-out effect.



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