Want to make your eyes pop with fuller, thicker and longer lashes? False eyelashes are where it’s at. Falsies are tricky little beasties, so don’t be discouraged if you’ve tried them before and battled to get them on right – blogger Megan-Kelly Botha shares her fail-proof method for applying lashes like a pro.



It is important to prepare your natural eyelashes for application of false lashes in order to avoid clumping or have your lashes and lids stick together. Start by curling your lashes up and outward, using a heated curler for lasting effect, so that they adopt

the natural shape of false lashes. Don’t forget to apply a coat or two of mascara so that your lashes blend in.

TRY: Basics heated eyelash curler (R59.95, Dis-Chem) or Remington heated eyelash curler (R299, Clicks).





With so many styles and looks to choose from, we know just how tough it can be to pick a style of lashes to try first. We recommend starting with a style that is more natural and has a thin, black band, so that the falsies will blend well with your natural lashes.

TRY: Eylure Naturalites eyelashes (R59.95, Dis-Chem); iEnvy Au Naturale 01 eyelashes (R99.95, Foschini) or Clicks eyelashes in Natural (R44.95, Clicks).



Very often, falsies are a little longer than your natural eyeline, which is one of the main reasons for them curling up on the edges. To avoid this, trim the end of the falsie for a better fit. To size your false lashes, hold them up to your natural lash line and judge how many lashes would need to be cut off the end. Remember to only trim the outward lashes, as the inner lashes are made to fan out from smaller to longer, fuller lashes. Once you have the sizing right, take the false lash and wrap it around the end of a make-up brush, leaving it to stick for a few minutes which will help make it more flexible, so that it is easier to apply and less likely to curl up.

TRY: Elegant Touch stainless steel nail scissors (R44.95, Clicks) or Elegant Touch professional nail scissors (R149, Clicks).





Using a lash adhesive, apply a thin coat to the band of the false lash, and leave it to dry for a few seconds. This allows the formula to become tackier, so that when you stick it to your lash line, it doesn’t slip and slide but rather remains in place and takes less time to dry. Position your mirror lower down, so that you’re naturally looking down whilst applying your false lashes. This position makes it easier for you to get the false lashes closer to your lash line, that way avoiding any unsightly gaps. Using a lash applicator or a tweezer, align the lash to your lash line, push down and hold for a few seconds. Look up and using the end of the tweezer push the false lash down toward your own lashes, closing up any gaps.

TRY: Clicks eyelash applicator (R54.95, Clicks) or Lottie Brow Babe tweezers (R70, Foschini).





All that’s left is for you to check for any lifting on the edges and fill in any spaces with a liquid eyeliner pen. Once you’re happy with the look, have fun fluttering your lashes!


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