Forts are all about fun and creativity. Most of us have experience building them with living room furniture, blankets and cushions. But, the downside to using your dining room table is that your hangout will be demolished before suppertime – bummer. For long-lasting fun, here are three cool fort ideas, and you can apply for an RCS Personal Loan to help you transform them into the perfect hideout.




This option is fun because your kids can help with the construction. You’ll need string, the biggest sheet of material you can find and some pegs and safety pins. Secure the string to two points on either side of your kid’s bedroom (for example, a door hinge). The higher the better because let’s face it, you’ll be getting in there too. Once the string is secure, drape your material over the string and place pegs along the top to keep the material in place. To give the bottom of the sheet a little lift you can drape it over a chair and secure with pegs or use safety pins and string to attach it to other bedroom furniture like drawer handles or a bed post. Use more sheets to create layers and make a door.




There’s no shortage of teepees on the market and they make amazing forts. Plus, they’re portable and they look cool so there’s no hesitation adding them to a room. While forts are meant to be cosy, check the teepee measurements before buying and choose the biggest one you can find so that there’s room for a friend.




Loft beds come with many advantages: storage, desk space, play areas and, of course, instant forts. By draping material over the bottom half of the bed, you can create a hideaway mighty enough to keep even the fiercest dragons and pirates at bay. Use pegs to tie back one side of the material and make an entrance to your den.




A great fort is where your kids will pretend, imagine and play. Take your space-loving youngster to a galaxy far, far away with rocket cushions and glow-in-the-dark stars. A book-obsessed tween will love a private reading nook with a cool lamp. However you decorate, all forts need to be stocked with the necessary supplies: soft pillows, fluffy blankets, lighting such as torches and fairy lights and, most importantly, snacks.


If you build a great fort, your kids will want to spend a lot of time in it. And, if you’re lucky, they might give you the secret password.



For kids, there’s nothing more exciting than building an awesome fort. An RCS Personal Loan can help you kit it out with all their favourite stuff. It is easy to apply for online and you can get a loan from as little as R2 000. You’ll have the cash you need within 24 hours. Let the fun begin!