It’s that time of the year again when chocolate bunnies and hot cross buns are all your kids can think about, and hunting for eggs is a must! Now that your kids are spending more time indoors and you have a long weekend to look forward to, we hope you will try some of our fun ideas to get the whole family outside and entertained. Use your RCS Store Card today to get our pick of treats to add to the fun, and get up to 55 days interest-free* on your purchases.



Love a good hunt but want to try making it a little more challenging for your little ones? Get the kids in detective mode by rolling up clues inside real hollowed-out eggs by poking a hole in the base of the egg with a needle. Paint the eggs and hide them, then tell your kids to find them and then crack them to receive their next clue to some candy-coated treats.


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Give your kids a little workout this year by having them run and jump for their goodies. Split your kids into teams and when you say go, have the first kid from each team run or skip (using a skipping rope) while in search of an egg you’ve hidden. Once they’ve found an egg, have them come back and tag the next teammate who has to go find another egg.
Repeat until one team has found your specified number of eggs as a team. This will not only get your little ones active but will also keep some excitement in the air while the other team waits.


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Write down several silly commands on small pieces of paper, fold them up and place them inside plastic eggs. Make sure you have as many eggs as you have players. Divide kids into two teams. Fill one basket for each team with the plastic eggs and on the word, “go!” the first player from each team must race to the basket, choose an egg and perform the command. An adult judge must decide if the command is completed, and when it is, they should signal the player to run back and tag the next player in line. If a player can’t complete a command after two tries, they must place it back in the basket and return to the back of the line. The first team to complete all of their egg commands wins the game and wins a huge prize.

Quick tip: Some commands you can try are: shake your bunny tail 5 times or name three kinds of chocolate candy.


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