Whether you work in a factory, in an office, at home, on the road or on a construction crew, the chances are you can’t really start your day without a freshly brewed cup of coffee.


But why spend a fortune at a coffee shop, when – with just four key gadgets – you can brew your own Cuppa Joe at home?


Coffee making has become easier and more interesting as the coffee craze has grown. These days you can choose your own beans, create your own blends, and even brew your own customised coffee in your own kitchen. Here are the tools you’ll need.


If you’re a proper coffee purist, you’ll be buying fresh beans rather than the instant, powdered stuff. A good bean grinder will grind those beans down to a uniform size, allowing for the best possible extraction. Goodbye, instant coffee.


This cylindrical beaker – also known as a French press or a cafetière (if you want to sound really fancy) – lets you brew your own deliciously flavoured coffee in a magnificently hands-on process.


You know how it works, right? You put the ground coffee into the beaker (that’s why you need a grinder!), add hot water, and let the brewing magic happen. After three or four minutes you press the plunger down, separating the grounds from the brew.


This machine does the work for you, dripping water through the coffee grounds, and filtering it into the pot. Most of the good brands have a hot plate to keep the coffee warm. Shop around at your local RCS shopping network stores to find one that does!


You get coffee makers, and you get coffee makers. The more expensive ones take things a step further, pouring the brewed coffee as well as the milk/cream into your cup.


It’s individualised brewing for the coffee connoisseur – and it’ll give you a pick-me-up that tastes better than anything your local barista can create. Again, hit your RCS shopping network stores and browse around for a good one. Nestlé and De’Longhi have particularly good units.

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