If you’re a stylin’ mama then you know that shopping for your kids is almost more fun than shopping for yourself. Check out our top tips for dressing your kiddos to make sure they’re comfortable and stylish when they head out the door. And the best part is you can pick up the coolest stuff with a simple swipe of your RCS Card.


Tip #1 Mix and match
You don’t have to follow the latest trends and you don’t have to buy an entire outfit from one store. You want your kids to look cool without breaking the bank. Plus, they get dirty and grow out of things so quickly. Buy decent enough, budget basics like jeans and plain tees and spend a little more on a special dress or jacket that is totally rad.


Tip #2 Layer, layer, layer

Layering is essential when you don’t know what the weather is going to do or what activities the day holds. It’s especially great for girls because when a pricey dress becomes too short, it can become a tunic top when paired with leggings. Throw on a cardigan and they’ll be ready for anything!


Tip #3 Consider your child
If you have a daughter who likes to climb trees and do cartwheels, then jeans and shorts are more practical than a cupboard full of frilly dresses. Let your kids have some say in what they like and dislike. It’ll save you money and many frustrating arguments if they’re actually excited to wear their clothes.


Tip #4 Comfort is key

Your kids are running and jumping and climbing and so they need fabric that lets them do that. Fabric that is too tight or itchy will make them grumpy, while zips and fussy details may cause minor injuries! Keep things simple, soft and stretchy.


Tip#5 Grooming 

Cool clothes mean nothing without a clean face and stylish hairdo. For girls choose a no-fuss top knot or girly French braids and for boys try out a slicked-back side part or sweep long bangs to the side and behind the ears for a laidback surfer look.




White long sleeve tee: R69, Pick n Pay Clothing
Printed tights: R69, Pick n Pay Clothing
Evie dress: R299, Cotton On Kids
Shoes: R100, Jet
Necklace: R79, Cotton On Kids
Armband: R49, Cotton On Kids




Body suit with silver trim: R249, Cotton On Kids
Mesh skirt: R320, Foschini
Ballerina pumps: R110, Edgars
Crown headband: R69, Cotton On Kids
Mask: R49, Cotton On Kids



Denim jacket: R449, Cotton On Kids
Tee: R36, Jet
Pants: R180, Edgars
Shoes: R200, Edgars




Shirt: R199, Pringle at Foschini
Bow tie: R99, Cotton On Kids
Chinos: R210, Exact
Loafers: R229, Cotton On Kids
Masks: R49 each, Cotton On Kids


Make sure your kids are confident and cool in some of the most stylish clothes around. You can swipe your card at any of the over 23 000 stores in the RCS shopping network to pick up the latest and greatest styles for your kids.

* Prices were correct at time of publication, but are subject to change.