The lounge is where you entertain, and where your family will spend the most time together, so if you’re going to put energy into decorating anywhere in your home, it should be here. Start by deciding on a colour scheme that you like, and look for pieces that are in a similar tone in order to tie everything together. We used burnt orange and dusty pink as our focal colours, and built our look up from there.



Boho kilim rug (160 x 220cm): R2 399, @Home
Lampshade: R299, @Home
Colour block cushion (bottom right): R599, @Home
Africa cushion on linen (bottom right): R449, @Home
Aztec cushion: R429, @Home
Rust throw: R399, @Home
Gold candle holder: R109, Boardmans
White copper thread candle holder: R199, Boardmans
Gold rope candle holder: R199.95, Boardmans



Have fun mixing and matching crockery in the kitchen by selecting pieces around a central theme. We’ve used Moroccan-style pottery as our base, and added other items that complement the colour range to compile the gorgeous collection below.



Moroccan print platter (top left): R179, @Home
Sauce bowl (top left): R49.95, Boardmans
Plate with floral border (top centre): R49.95, Boardmans
Azure pattern plate (top centre): R129.95, Boardmans
Blue platter (top right): R149.95, Boardmans
Bowl (bottom left): R99.95, Boardmans
Honeycomb side plate: R89, @Home
Mug: R59.95, Boardmans
Paradiso plate (bottom right): R199.95, Boardmans
Sauce bowl (bottom right): R24.95, Boardmans
Table runner: R199, @Home



Starting with one big solid and working patterns in around it will help you to create balance when mixing prints. Allow your bedspread or duvet cover to be the focal point in a bedroom, and accessorise to match. In our look below we picked up on the monochrome detailing of the duvet cover, and ran with that theme throughout the rest of the room.



Hemsworth black and white bedding set: R1 199.95, Boardmans
Black and white print cushions: R149 each, Home Etc.
Zig-zag throw: R279.95, Boardmans
Cork magazine holder: R389, @Home
Black and white basket: R199, Home Etc.



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*Prices were correct at time of publication and are subject to change.