Your wedding cake can be quite an important focal point for your special day. It’s a centrepiece on the dessert table and usually gets plenty of camera time in both your wedding video and the photographs. This is why it’s a good idea to make sure it’s a showstopper.


We’ve had a look at what bakeries around the world are saying about the biggest trends for 2018. That’s right, there are even trends for wedding cakes. For a truly Pinterest-worthy cake, have a look at what we found below. Some of the trends can even be combined to create something spectacular. If you need a little help with bringing your dream wedding to life, get an RCS Personal Loan and budget won’t be a bad word.




Traditional fondant-covered cakes are given a whimsical, romantic twist in this beautiful trend. Designs are applied directly onto the icing with edible paints. You can have anything you want, but flowers are the most popular choice. Many choose to combine the paintings with real flowers too to give the cake an organic, natural look.




This is a great option for those who love cake but don’t like heavy, sugary icing. The idea is to apply a thin, uneven layer of buttercream icing that shows the fluffy, delicious sponge below.

These cakes are best finished off with fresh flowers as decorations. You can also put it on a rustic, wooden plate to complete the natural look.




There are two ways to do the two-tone trend. You can either go for a definite, colour-blocked look or an ombre effect. Both should have a dark colour and a light colour for the effect to really stand out.





Black cakes may seem like an odd choice for a wedding, even if you don’t want a traditional day. Before you dismiss this trend, take a moment to think about how sleek, elegant and sophisticated a dark wedding cake could look. You can also add all sorts of interesting details to bring it to life. Gold trim or geometric shapes around the different tiers will definitely turn heads and make for great Instagram posts.


For a slightly more quirky take on this style of cake, you can always combine it with the hand-painted trend. Give your guests a message about your special day with a little note painted straight onto the icing.



Whether you prefer the rustic, unfinished look or want something sophisticated and modern, there’s a wedding cake trend for you in 2018. If you need a little help making your special day Pinterest-worthy, get yourself an RCS Personal Loan. Your budget will go a little further and you can relax and enjoy planning your day. Loans start at R2 000, it’s easy to apply, and you get a decision in seconds. What are you waiting for?